Hello! My name is C. René Washington, Master coach and midlife mindset maven. What’s a maven, you ask? A maven is an expert or connoisseur and after doing deep (and successful) mind-resets on myself and greatly appreciative clients, I am both!

I studied the art of life coaching with Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s personal coach.

My background includes 25+ years of work in busy, demanding corporate environments—including one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies. Now, I live life fully on MY terms and stay fired UP about helping women do the same! What that looks like for me:

  • Speaking to women’s groups
  • Writing a book for midlife women, Take The Trip! 4 Journeys Every Midlife Woman Needs To Live In Purpose and Freedom
  • Launching The Midlife Remix podcast and community for women ready to create new chapters
  • Dancing across the Seine River with a group of besties for my 60th birthday celebration
  • Celebrating my 50th for 18 months
  • Finding later-in-life romance and love and marrying husband #2 (and final!)
  • Being a resident coach for We Should All Be Millionaires author and entrepreneur, Rachel Rodgers
  • Mentoring coaches-in-training for queen of all things coaching, Susan Hyatt

I have many more interests/passions including two book club memberships and new hobby with hubby: birdwatching. I’m rolling through these next chapters on the Cicely Tyson path: living passionately until my final rest AND I WANT THE SAME FOR EVERY WOMAN WHO WANTS THIS FOR HERSELF!

Here are a few interviews and the I Am Courage talk that will give you great insight into who I am and why I’m passionate about the work I do:

The Midlife Remix, click here

End Like You Want To Begin, click here

Release Your Fears, click here

I Am Courage, click here

If these interviews have got you thinking, “Yes! Please! I need this kind of life upgrade.”  OR “I want to bring this message my group.” then contact me at Rene@TheMidlifeRemix.Life to book my speaking services or to get on the podcast notification list.

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I’m wishing you a lovely day—and maybe I’ll see a note from you in my inbox soon!


If you’ve never tried coaching before, Click What Is A Life Coach. I’d be honored to work with you and here’s what we can do together. Having worked with many wonderful coaches myself, I can tell you… it’s an investment in yourself that pays for itself many times over.

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