Take The Trip!

If you’re feeling exhausted and resentful in obligated living, it’s time to stop ignoring those ‘there must be more’ nudges and start creating that new life chapter you will celebrate

c.René Washington, life coach and midlife maven is your guide to living your personalized brand of freedom and purpose.

Through four life journeys, you’ll learn how to uncover your deepest desires and live them.

Take The Trip will show you how to:

  • – Connect to your inner self sans role or title
  • – Continuously purge what no longer serves you
  • – Prioritize yourself while still honoring who and what you love
  • – End the lie that it’s too late or you’re too old to live your best damn life

If you enjoyed Oprah’s book, What I know for Sure, then you’ll love Take The Trip 4 Journeys Every Midlife Woman Needs to Live in Purpose and Freedom.