cReneCoach Manifesto

cReneCoach Manifesto

I’m c.René Washington, the CEO Diva of cReneCoach. I created Let That S%#t Go because after 20+ years of coaching men and women during my corporate career and now focusing on women in my life coaching business, AND dealing with my own crap, I know this to be true: the ONE THING that keeps people from living the life we dream about…from walking in our purpose… is that we don’t,

Let That S%#t Go!!

And what is That S%#t??
– limiting beliefs and paradigms that no longer serve us
– upper limit issues that lead to self-sabotaging behavior we fall into and diminishes or blocks our success
– False Evidence Appearing Real aka FEAR that keeps us cowering behind our brilliance
– the ‘comparing and despairing’ we do, convincing ourselves that we’re not enough OR not as good as _______
– allowing what THEY think to control what WE think and do
– mental clutter
– feeding our bodies junk and barely moving them
– engaging in self-criticism and judging others


I provide real-time support and encouragement to help you clear out mindset blocks and explore resources that help you drop your junk.

I will lovingly call B.S. when I see you falling into the above traps.

I will encourage you to stay focused on what you CAN do and nudge you to DO IT!!

I will provide safe spaces to share our stories and move past them to create new stories and paths to the lives we crave.

“There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper.” ~ Betsy ten Boom

I too must continuously Let S%#t Go! My faith is grounded in the knowledge that I am A Child of The Most High God…Exceedingly and Abundantly Blessed. But I’m not immune from letting s%#t drag me down. I’ve…

gone through divorce, illness, career burnout,
suffered intense grief,
done things I shouldn’t have done,
gone places I shouldn’t gone,
said things I shouldn’t have said…

No, I’m NOT perfect but I walk in the Divine Perfection of The Grace and Mercy of Multiple Chances to Get It Right! And I’ve learned to Extend The Grace I Want to Receive.

The world is in dire need of women operating at the height of our power!! We’ve got children to raise, men to love, families and charities to support, money to earn, companies to run, governments to lead, and other women to encourage. And we want to do this from a space of Joyfulness of Purpose, while honoring our faith, honoring ourselves, and having some fun!! Are you with me?? Will you Let Your S%#t Go and Live Free? Ok, Let’s Rock and Roll!!