Figure out WHAT you really want, WHY you don’t have it and HOW to get it.

Is your life plan feeling like a life sentence? If you’re not sure about Your WHAT but know Your NOW isn’t IT, Let That S%#t Go! 

This life-changing 6 month mastermind is for you, if…  

  • You’re a woman at that midlife stage, exhausted from everyone else’s priorities, asking What About Me?
  • You’re a frustrated woman who knows there’s more and is highly motivated to get your ‘more’. 
  • You’re a committed woman who has a big passion, dream or legacy goal that you’ve been afraid to act on or believe that you can’t have.  
  • You’re a woman who’s ready to live in FREEDOM instead of obligation and want ‘where to begin’ Clarity.
  • You want a ‘time to live my dreams’ action plan that doesn’t sacrifice the people and things you love. 
  • You love connecting to and learning from other like-minded women who believe that living one’s best life is an obtainable reality.
  • You’d love having coach-on-call access to a Master Certified Life Coach for individual program support.
  • You value premium expertise and you’re willing to invest in it for a change-you-crave return on investment.

What: Let That Sh#t Go!...a 6-month MasterMind  

When: September 20, 2018 - February 21, 2019 6:30pm CST (75 minute sessions)  

Where: Online Zoom sessions (I'll provide link)  

Why: Because you need the CLARITY, PLAN, and SUPPORT to MOVE into that life you’ve been dreaming about it!

Registration is limited!

This life-changing 6 month program is for you, if...

  • You’re a frustrated woman who knows there’s more and is highly motivated to get your ‘more’.  
  • You’re a woman who has a big passion, dream or goal that you’ve been afraid to act on or believe that you can’t have.
  • You’re ready to live in FREEDOM instead of obligation.  
  • You know the value of investing in yourself and are ready for a change-you-want return on investment.  
  • You love connecting to and learning from other like-minded women who believe that living one’s best life is an obtainable reality.  
  • You want a Personal Action Plan with ‘where-to-begin’ Clarity.

This program is NOT for you, if…  

  • You believe hope is a plan.  
  • You’re ok with continuing to nibble cheese with your whine.  
  • Being in the same place (mentally, emotionally, physically) this time next year works for you.

You deserve that life you crave. Here's how this mastermind will help.  

Get Desired Clarity

Figure out what you’d be doing (your unrealized passion project, lifestyle, or life mission) and where you’d be doing it if I waved a magic wand and eliminated all the barriers.

Learn Tools and Resources

Get help with shattering internal blocks that are the core reasons for your not getting what you want and with staying focused on moving forward.


Let That Sh#t Go! is a 6-month online small group mastermind that gives you the flexibility of connecting by video and/or phone PLUS recorded sessions if you’re unable to attend the live sessions. There are group and individual sessions.

The schedule for the bi-weekly 75-minute sessions:


1. Who Am I? Get deep clarity…beyond your roles and mask…on who you really are and aspire to be.  

  • Tell your story...
  • Drop the lies…
  • Own It...  

2. What Do I Want? Learn how to tap into the truth your brain hides and your body reveals. 

  • Sherlock your sh#t...
  • Dream & scheme...
  • Ideal your days...  

3. How To Get it. Learn how to stop externalizing, identify and manage internal blockers, and craft a rock solid plan that not only gets you what you want, but helps you keep it!  

  • Break your blocks...
  • Create what you crave...
  • A-plus your plan...


  • The Coaching Salon: bi-weekly online Zoom sessions that allow you to be seen, heard, both or neither…your choice
  • Session recordings sent to you by the following day if you’re unable to attend
  • Six monthly individual coaching sessions PLUS real-time text and email access during business hours for a Coach On Call Concierge experience (an $8100 value alone!)
  • The world-renowned StrengthFinders assessment and individual coaching session with a Certified StrengthsFinders Coach ($895 value!)
  • Video lessons and a printable workbook to record all of your AHA’s and Action Plan
  • A private Facebook group for sister circle support...includes lifetime access
  • Assignments that support and cement the learning without overwhelming your already busy schedule  
  • An invite to The Gathering (The LTSG Meet and Retreat) 

c.René Washington is a Master Certified Life Coach and Mindset Maven with over 30 years of career and life coaching experience. She walks her talk, successfully transitioning through divorce, major illness, grief, and career shift. She’s passionate about coaching women who are fed up with settling for less than their ‘personal possible’ and loves seeing them walk into their best life chapter. She’s also excited about the neuro coaching certification she’s currently working on and being able to include scientific backup for the mindset principles she’ll be teaching in Let That Sh#t Go!

The Group Experience + Concierge Coaching 

  • Community And Connection
  • The Coaching Salon (Biweekly Online Group Sessions)
  • Monthly Individual Sessions
  • StrengthFinders Assessment and Evaluation
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Text And Email Coaching During Business Hours
  • The Gathering (Our Annual Meet And Retreat)

Not sure you should do this? I've got a story for you...

For me the whisper started with health issues, including a mini-stroke. I didn’t totally ignore it, but fear kept me from giving full respect to that whisper. Until my mom died. THAT brought the scream! Her death was unexpected and taught me how truly arbitrary life can be. It was the final push I needed to acknowledge how much I was allowing the external to control me and keep me stuck. I exited what was draining and entered a new chapter full of love and adventure. Changing my mind, changed my life and I’m passionate about showing other women how to do the same.

So... are you in?


Intrigued, but not quite sure? Let's chat!

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