image1“After our sessions, I always feel energized, focused and I have a specific action plan.”
Client, Federal Attorney

“My organization invested in my development by providing René as an Executive Coach. To my surprise she also provided skills as a life coach which were probably more valuable to me at that point in my career. She showed me how to trust my own internal “body compass” in all situations.  René has a unique pointed style of questioning that facilitates my ownership of  arriving at decisions I instinctively knew to be the right decisions…for my career.  I realized I always have a “choice” and I am not limited by my circumstances or others perceptions. She helped me face the fact that I was holding on to certain situations for fear that they would not be replaced in my life with something better. The ability to “thrive” in my career and life rather than just “survive” is a much healthier place to be. I credit her with helping me to arrive at an exciting point in my career and life today!”
Client, Human Resources Executive

“Before I began my coaching sessions with Cheryl, I struggled with managing the stress of my new position leading a non-profit. As someone who had ways of working through tough issues, I needed new ways to identify the root cause of my stress and ways to deal with them. Cheryl helped me learn how to pay close attention to how stress manifested itself in my body. She also taught how me to prioritize the good and the bad challenges. She listened intently without judgement and always ended our sessions on a positive note. She would check in with me about how a particular interaction went and what steps I took to work through the situation. After talking with Cheryl, I always felt more empowered and remembered my agency in the situation.”
Client, Non-Profit CEO

“C René is a master at helping others see themselves more clearly, defining personal and career goals and determining practical ways to achieve them.”
Client, Private Practice Attorney

“Being coached by C. René has truly been a life transforming experience! She has a gift for hearing what you say and then hearing what your SOUL is really saying. This allows her to quickly cut the fluff and get to the heart of the issue. She has a spirited way of bringing you to truth and accountability without being harsh. Each coaching encounter is inspirational, invigorating and life renewing.”
Client, Human Resources Dept. Manager

“If you are ready to do the work, she coaches you to personal revelation and how you can define and implement your plan for the life and future you desire.”
Client, Organizational Psychologist