The Midlife Manifest Sistermind

It’s Time To Radically Rewire, Let Go of Guilt, Ditch Confusion, Destroy Every Block In Your Life FOR GOOD, And Manifest Your Deepest Dreams And Desires…

It’s Time To Let That ShXt Go!  

Have you reached your 50s only to discover that your life plan suddenly feels like a life sentence?  

What: The Midlife Manifest...a 6-month SisterMind  

Where: Online Zoom sessions (I'll provide link)  

Why: Because you need the CLARITY, PLAN, and SUPPORT to MOVE into that life you’ve been dreaming about it!

Registration is limited!

INTRODUCINGMidlife Manifest: The Foolproof Formula For Career Women 50+ To Break Through Your Blocks & Live Retirement Life In The Clarity of Personal Freedom

This life-changing 6-month sistermind is for you, if...

  • You're tired of wondering ‘what about me?' because you're always last on your priority list. 
  • You’re a few years from retiring from a successful career and want more than a financial plan, you want a Life Plan.
  • You’re in retirement and you’re ready for a reset because there has to be more than this.
  • You’re experiencing Who Am I? confusion and want to Let That Shxt Go!
  • You’ve got a burning passion or legacy goal that you’ve been afraid to act on or even believe you can have – and yet you can’t quiet the still small voice that keeps urging you towards it.  
  • You’re absolutely serious about manifesting your dreams and you’re willing to invest in the guidance and support that will make your desires your new reality, in the shortest possible timeframe. 
  • You want to Reclaim Your Time and Your Life without feeling guilty!

 This is NOT for you, if...

  • You believe hope is a plan and deep down, you’re committed to staying in your current situation. 
  • You’re okay with continuing to nibble cheese with your whine.  
  • You’re already living your best life.

You deserve that life you crave. Travel to your transformation. Seal your change at The Gathering, an international Meet and Retreat, included in the Sistermind package!!*

Letting Your ShXt Go opens you up to your inner creativity in designing your Best Life. My retreats connect you to fabulous women and are uniquely curated to include Ah-mazing artistic experiences.

*Excludes airfare

What people are saying

Atty. Sharon Hamilton Broach Private Practice Attorney  

“C René is a master at helping others see themselves more clearly, defining personal and career goals and determining practical ways to achieve them.“ 

Dr. Lisa Graham Organizational Psychologist 

“If you are ready to do the work, she coaches you to personal revelation and how you can define and implement your plan for the life and future you desire.”  

Gwen Hall Dept Manager Performance and Talent Management

"If you are ready to release the weight of restriction and unleash your potential, do your mind, body and soul a favor and seek the services of C. René. You will be forever changed!"  

c.René Washington is a Master Certified Life Coach and Mindset Maven with over 30 years of career and life coaching experience. I walk my talk, successfully transitioning through divorce, major illness, grief, and career shift. I’m passionate about coaching women who are fed up with settling for less than their ‘personal possible’ and love seeing them walk into their best life chapter. I’m also excited about the neuro-coaching certification I’m currently working on and being able to include scientific backup for the mindset principles I’ll be teaching in Midlife Manifest.


Members who Pay In Full within 30 days of your start date receive: 

  • A $250 fast pay discount 
  • An additional 30 days of coaching support (must be added on immediately as the 7th month)


Not sure you should do this? I've got a story for you...

For me the whisper started with health issues, including a mini-stroke. I didn’t totally ignore it, but fear kept me from giving full respect to that whisper. Until my mom died. THAT brought the scream! Her death was unexpected and taught me how truly arbitrary life can be. It was the final push I needed to acknowledge how much I was allowing the external to control me and keep me stuck. I exited what was draining and entered a new chapter full of love and adventure. Changing my mind, changed my life and I’m passionate about showing other women how to do the same. 

So... are you in?


Intrigued, but not quite sure? Let's chat!

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