Are you a Midlife Career Woman craving the COURAGE to change your life?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in a career that at one time worked, but now feels soul-sucking…

Maybe F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) is keeping you stuck in the lie of No, I can’t…

Maybe you’re tired of being the manager of everyone else’s priorities except your own…

Maybe you’d like to live this stage of life flowing in your own brand of FREEDOM…because you’ve earned it!


Maybe you can see the light at the end of your career tunnel and want a next chapter plan. Maybe you’ve tried to make changes in the past, but that didn’t work out so great. Maybe you think you’ve reached an ‘it’s too late’ age and you’re going to coast through the rest of your life. NO! No! No!

I get it. But WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE is that the real truth is it’s time to LET THAT SHXT GO! and get about living Your Best Life. The only thing stopping you is YOU! Not your age. Not your significant other. Not your job. Not your children. Not your ??. Only YOU and F.E.A.R., you have about yourself and your life.

The GOOD NEWS is that you can proactively plan your next chapter OR pivot if your next chapter plan isn’t working. This time, with more support. As a Master Certified Coach, I work with women who are ready to move themselves to the top of their priority list, stop suffering and start planning…stop dreaming and start doing by Radically Rewiring their lives to manifest dreams…goals…purpose…passion.

My clients…

enjoy more ME-time, family, and friendship time without feeling guilty

ditch soul-sucking jobs for work that lights them up or start and run successful businesses

– get adult children off  mama dependency

– end emotional eating and unhealthy habits

bring their passion projects to fruition (one client opened a foundation that serves single mothers, another started a private education business she loves, and another incorporates her next chapter passion for fitness coaching into her current day job)

Whatever type of future you’re dreaming about, I want you to know that it’s possible…NOW.  You have more power than you realize. And the best day to start upgrading your life is… TODAY!

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