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Quote of The Week

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild

Feeling ALL of that right now!

What’s Your Bigger Why?

I awoke NOT feeling like going to our strength training class. As I lay there, I secretly wished Mr. Washington was feeling like playing hooky, but wasn’t hopeful. He stays pretty gung ho about the class. Lo and behold, his first words were, “Let’s stay in today.” Music to my ears! And WOW, that’s some kind of manifesting, right? Except it wasn’t. Tempted as I was, I knew what we wanted more than slugging the day away, was staying committed and consistent to our ‘health for life’ plan. So, I reluctantly responded, “No.” Commitment won! Later, we were both very glad we stuck to it.

What do you want more of in your life? 

Strength? Health? Pleasure? Adventure? Wealth? Connection? What dream do you want to become real?

We’re entering the last quarter of the year. Are you on track to get what you want? Or are you procrastinating, self-sabotaging, hiding, etc.?

Woo Hoo!

The reviews are coming in and the Midlife Woman Redefined podcast is a hit! Our first winner of the Amazon gift card giveaway will be announced during this Wednesday’s episode. Click here to listen and subscribe. You’re missing life-altering messages that will help you kick off 2020 right if you don’t! And please SHARE. Friends don’t let friends miss a good thing!

We Have Not Because We Ask Not

Remember the local talk show (Talk of Alabama) appearance I did? View here if you missed it.  I pitched them to return for THREE MORE EPISODES and they said YES!! Mark your calendars for October 2nd, November 1st, and December 2nd. 

Your Challenge

I’m challenging you to make a Big Move. I pitched the show because my coach challenged us to be bold and go after what we want. You can too! Maybe there’s a tough conversation you need to have OR a health appointment you need to make, OR that trip you’ve been wanting to take. Whatever it is…Go For It!  And send me an email telling me what you did so we can celebrate together!

#LetYourShxTGo! #TimeToRedefine

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Ep #9: Emotional Flags

Sometimes in life, we think things are going great, but then we get a little surprise – something we did not see coming. That’s an emotional flag on the play of our lives. I want to preface this whole episode by saying that I am not a football fan, but this is the perfect metaphor for what I’ve got for you today.

I was in a situation recently where a medical professional informed me of my weight. This might sound familiar to you too. I was heavier than I anticipated, and all of a sudden, my thoughts exploded. I was left thinking about everything I had done wrong, every decision I had made that contributed to this number on the scale, and what it meant about me as a person. This is the worst train of thought I could have gotten on at this point.


Ep #8: How to Keep Living a Daring Life

I told you all a couple of weeks ago about my amazing trip to celebrate my 60th birthday, and I’m still riding that high. However, when I returned, I did have to go see my physician about some issues I encountered while traveling. I’ll say now, it turned out to be nothing serious, but it did provide me with a little bit of perspective.

As we reach midlife, it can be easy to let the things that give our life passion start to slip away. We don’t always want to, but all we see are limitations. That is not something I want for myself, and it definitely isn’t something I want for you.


Help Me Help You

In October 2016, I took the stage in my favorite New York City. I and five incredible women I’d only met a few months before put ourselves on that stage to tell our individual stories of courage. It was early in my entrepreneurial journey and I was terrified of making a fool of myself!

I didn’t. We didn’t. We connected. We inspired. We changed lives, including our own.

People without fear don’t need courage. Read. That. Again.

Courageous people tap into their Do It Afraid muscle.

Since that NYC event, I’ve helped hundreds of women make courageous moves and transitions:

  • Change jobs
  • Start businesses
  • End dead relationships
  • Start new life chapters
  • Have tough, necessary conversations
  • Prioritize themselves
  • Move to a new city
  • Take the dream trip
  • Give themselves permission to Enjoy Life!

“Success is loving life and daring to live it!” ~ Maya Angelou

And the most daring thing you can do? Trust Yourself.

The highlight reel of my life since that NYC event is book-worthy as is the lowlight reel: relationship drama, illness, money drama, grief, and slap wanting to give up on this business thing every few months!

But, though I’m the queen of Letting Shxt Go, I never give up on myself or the women who gift themselves with daring to live their best lives!


I’m EXCITED for the women who, in spite of their fears, said YES! to the It’s My Birthday coaching offer. They’re taking a stand for their lives and getting a great jump on 2020 being their best year yet!

And because I want to leave no (willing) woman behind, I’m nudging you to grab the remaining spots. Help Me Help You is the name of these ear bangers, a wonderful client gifted me for my birthday. Note the blank space. For me, it represents what I help you fill in with what you want for your life.

Another client gifted me with the Courage bangers. This is what I do: Step courageously down the path I choose for my life and help other women find their courage to do the same.

60 days of individual coaching for $600. A safe, non-judgmental space for only 24 women that won’t be offered again. 2020 is coming. Dare yourself to get that life you’ve been craving by clicking here.

Oh, and Yogi Dada, the artist who creates these FAB earrings was so inspired by my work, she’s giving a 10% discount in my honor (it ends in October)! Go to her website and use code cReneCoach at checkout. How cool is that! Yep, she has smaller sizes AND she’s including her print work in the discount deal which almost never happens!

#LetYourShxTGo! #MidlifeManifest

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P.S. Get the weekly motivation I’m serving up on The Midlife Woman Redefined podcast. The reviews are coming in 5-star strong!! Go here to listen.

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Ep #7: Escaping the Comparison Trap

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others, for better and for worse. Sometimes we compare ourselves to somebody else, and we come out on the short end: we’re not as wealthy, or as well-traveled, or as well-known. Other times, we judge others and think that we’re superior to them, or that our way of doing things is the only way to do them.

These are all false comparisons, my friend, and you have to let that shit go. Comparison is a trap that limits us and our growth. It doesn’t serve us and it doesn’t serve other people either. It’s important to be aware of the comparison traps that pull us in to thinking that we’re not good enough, or that we’re better than others.


Ep #6: What Would You Tell Your 99-Year-Old Self?

People commonly ask, “What would you tell your 21-year-old self?” They might substitute in some other age – 18, 30, 40, etcetera – but the question is almost always a backward-looking one. While it’s not a bad idea to consider what advice we’d give to our younger selves, we sometimes forget about the amazing stories we could tell our older selves, too!

I love the question, “What would you tell your 99-year-old self?” because it reminds us to live life as fully as possible right now. There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing on old memories from high school or our other younger years – but life isn’t over for us yet. There’s tons of time left to take advantage of all the joy and deliciousness that life has to offer. 


Who Said??!! The Remix

VIVAs Rockin’ Paris (August 2019)

Whew! A few days ago, I returned home from an epically spectacular 15-day celebration of my upcoming 60th birthday. I and (at varying points) 9-11 FAB girlfriends + one FAB friend’s FAB daughter, laughed, explored, ate, shopped, and remained in a constant state of amazement traveling through Paris, Sarlat, and Marrakech. Exhausted, Yes! And wonderfully forever changed. Too many highlights to detail to here, but best believe I’ll be talking about them for months to come. Indulge me. LOL

On March 30, 2017, I published the original blog titled Who Said. It featured the phenomenal Tao Porchon Lynch, the world’s oldest yoga teacher (101!!). My message was about ditching old paradigms that no longer serve you to flow freely in your unique desires.

One huge paradigm I ditched is thinking I have to always be comfortable to be happy. Yes, I have some foundational comfort requirements, but I’ve also learned that getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is the ticket for feeling F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) and doing The Thing anyway! I didn’t let F.E.A.R. keep me from…

  • investing a year out in Tracey Friley Travel’s Josephine Baker-themed trip to France and Morocco…
  • trusting that inviting my girlfriends to go with me on a two week trip would be well and end well (we’re already talking about the next adventure!)…
  • planning my own birthday parade and party in Paris, a city I’d never visited (it was FANTABULOUS!)…
  • hiring a band (recommended but still) unknown to me (they rocked it OUT!)…
  • wearing a mini dress for that party (see pic above), driving an ATV, walking through streets during a holy feast day in which goat heads and bodies were being chopped, charred, and fleeced!

Recently, I saw this Zig Zigler quote,

“F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise’. The choice is yours.”

This woman is RISING. And I want ya’ll to RISE with me! Who Said you can’t??

P.S. As you can see, I’m in over-the-top mode for this milestone birthday and if you’re a Woman Ready To Redefine and Rise, then…

  • you want to jump on an over-the-top opportunity to be coached by me for 60 days at a ‘never coming again’ investment of $600!! I’m only taking 24 women (1959 birth year equals 24) and you must be qualified to be sure it’s a great fit for both of us. We start September 1 and end November 8. Respond ‘I’m Ready! to this email to get full details.
  • listen to the new podcast, Midlife Woman Redefined for a weekly injection of how to Rise and Fly! Click here to listen and subscribe!

Ep #5: Creating the Recipe for What You Want

When I woke up this morning, I took a few minutes to really take a good look at what has led me to this point in my life. How on earth did I get where I am today, talking to all of you listeners on this show? Then I realized, I’ve created my own recipe for what I want, and I’ve honed it over time to be perfect for me.

When I first started cooking, I used to stick to a recipe by the letter. I’d get the exact ingredients from the store, and I’d get anxious if I didn’t have something on the list. Somebody’s telling me how to do it, why should I mess with that? Well, following someone’s instructions word for word might get you their perfect cake, bit it ain’t always going to be the perfect cake for you.


The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Since August 2, I’ve been in a constant state of awe. Maybe you’ve heard, that I’m celebrating my 60th year on a FANTABULOUS trip to France to Morocco…and 12 girlfriends are with me for some or all of the trip. In Paris, a band I hired, danced us to our dinner boat down the Seine River…all a surprise to my girlfriends. Yes, I throw my own parties!

And that’s only ONE ah-mazing jaw-dropping event we’ve enjoyed!  My vocabulary fails me in describing the awesomeness of this experience, but what doesn’t escape me is this:

Many of you reading this blog are aching for Joy, Ah-mazing, and Wonderful to knock on your door. Well, let me clear this up for you right now:

They aren’t coming! You have to choose them. You have to get out of your own way and grab them! 

So because I’m tremendously GRATEFUL for being well enough down the Let Your Shxt Go road to choose Joy, Ah-mazing, and Wonderful for MY life…

And because I’m GRATEFUL for the clients who work with me to choose it for THEIRS…

And because I’m BEYOND BLESSED to crack another decade, excited about what more Ah-mazingness is waiting on me…

I’m doing a one-time Get Your Life NOW! coaching birthday offer that won’t be seen again: 

60 DAYS of COACHING FOR $600!!!!

Shhhh…don’t tell my business coach, Rachel Rodgers! She’ll slam me for charging below my regular investment. This is NOT about devaluing, though. 

It’s about my remembering my journey to freeing my mind and seeing my life follow!  It’s about wanting to help more women do the same.

My coaching changes lives. The value on that is priceless. The $600 (normally $3200) for 60 Days is my birthday gift to a few great women. 

I’m only doing it for 24 TAKE-ACTION WOMEN (if you love whine with your cheese, don’t respond). 

So jump quick! Why 24? Because I was born in 1959 and the digits add up to 24. 

What you get:

– 4 one-to-one calls with me (two per/month,1 hour duration)

– Text/email access to me during business hours (you’re getting concierge coaching for TWO MONTHS!)

– A life-changing Action Plan

– A time frame that keeps you on track (60 days must be completed between September 1 – November 14)

How you get it:

– Respond to this email, saying Yes! Now’s my time!

– Respond to the short questionnaire you’ll be sent.

– If approved (I’m serious about only working with Take Action women!), you’ll receive an invoice and a scheduling link.

Get a Kick-Ass coach for 60 days for $600??!! If you’re serious about getting that life you keep saying you want, then THIS is the sign you’ve been waiting on.

Don’t F.E.A.R. yourself out of ending 2019 and stepping in to 2020 like, 

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P.S. Are you listening to The Midlife Woman Redefined podcast?
If you aren’t, fix that now! Click here.

Ep #4: What Do You Really Want?

When is the last time you checked in with yourself about what you really want? Many women in midlife realize that habits, obligations, and thought patterns have piled up over the years that are no longer the right fit (if they ever were!). This is why so many of us get the urge to leave jobs we no longer like, stop spending time with people who drain us, or shake up our routines in midlife.

But if we want to actually make these changes, we first have to bring awareness to our everyday lives and notice what we’re still doing that we no longer want to do. We have to get clear on what lights us up – what makes us feel passionate and excited – and what makes us feel dragged down and heavy. And I’ve got some tools to help you do this!