Time To Cut My Hair!

Whenever I say I’ve GOTTA get a haircut, people look at me side-eyed. They don’t get how what they see as a practically bald head could be an issue. But, for me that small bit of extra hair feels like a weight I need to drop. So clip clip!

One of the first coaching tools I learned was ending TOLERATIONS. You know, those naggy things that drag you down in small and big ways:

– the junky closet you keep meaning to clear out

– that dent in your car

– the job you’ve outgrown

The coaching exercise is to list 100 of your tolerations. Sounds like a lot, right? Once you get in the noticing groove, though, you’ll be amazed at just how many things you’re allowing to go unaddressed. The win is that you develop the habit of noticing and ditching more quickly the crap you don’t want to carry. And that opens up space for more of what you do want in your life.

My challenge to you is to start with five small ones. XTRA bonus points if you email me your list. I’ll hold accountability with you for 30 days to drop them. My five:

– expired driver’s license: renew!

– plastic food containers: replace with glass containers.

– unmade bed: make the bed every morning (helps me set a better productivity mindset).

– cluttered book shelf: give away the books I’ll never get around to reading.

– constant device connection:  implement device-free hours and stick to them.

Whew! I feel a little lighter already. You in??

P.S. A group of ‘be about my business’ women are starting my Your Next Move teleclass tomorrow evening and committing to ending their toleration of job dissatisfaction or next chapter confusion. There are a few spaces left. Don’t keep tolerating what you can change. Join us, https://crenecoach.com/your-next-move/

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cReneCoach…The Weekly Wind Down

Sunday Greetings!

I love the English language. There are 55 variations in meaning of the word ‘wind’. Fifty-five!

The title reference is to this one: “to calm down; relax.”

Catching you up on good stuff going on in my world…

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and start saving your $$ for the Desire Map Retreat**, April 26-29, 2018!! Based on your survey feedback and some intuitive nudging, I moved it to next year. Will have location/cost/deposit info soon and if you want to be on the first to know list, respond to this email.

This week I had the privilege of working a FAB retreat as one of the coaches for MOMENTUM, the phenomenal leadership program for executive women. I’m convinced that the more women gather, connect, and grow their unique brand of personal power in these types of spaces, the better this world will be.

I love stretching my boundaries while also honoring them. And I’m THRILLED that Bestie Lucy aka Sharon Sherrod is my partner in HIGH FUN and MISS-No-ADVENTURE! The pics are from our wading in the creek and grape stomp experiences. Stay tuned, we’re planning a podcast! 💃🏽🎤

It’s finally here! This is the week a group of forward-thinking, action-taking women start Your Next Move, the tele-class for women to create their plan for getting work they love OR their after-career  chapter. 🙌🏾

Would love to hear what’s going on with you! Hope your week is ending well and the upcoming one will be what you need it to be. Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a little like I’m living 55 variations of Myself. LOL! Feeling a a desire to simplify… mainly as it connects to my business. Becoming more focused and intentional about how and where I expend that energy.

What about you? How many variations are you juggling?

** The Desire Map is a holistic approach to life planning that uses your core desired feelings as the guidance system for your goal setting and goal completion. Want to know more? Schedule a free 30-minute consult, http://crenecoach.acuityscheduling.com/.



Hi Ya’ll!

Happy Friday, Ya’ll!

I’m working out of town and sharing an oldy-but-goody blog from 1/18/17. Do something good for yourself this weekend!!

I’m posting this because I made a commitment to myself to release a blog every week. And as we know, commitments made to ourselves are more easily broken than those we make to others. A few weeks ago, I stayed up until 3am making a cheesecake for a friend of a friend because I’d promised her one by the next day. A friend of a friend who would have been fine getting it a day or two later. But commitments I made to myself to…

sleep more

eat well

move more

promote my business…

were easily rationalized away or put off until…wait for it…TOMORROW.

Not anymore. This is a not a New Year’s resolution.

It’s treating myself with the same respect I treat others.

It’s being good to me.

It’s living my life on purpose.

I had good reason to justify taking a posting break: a family matter rightly consumed most of my time this week. Sometimes, though, a reason becomes an excuse.

“There is always enough time. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone’s excuse is ‘I didn’t have time.’ From getting important work done to texting someone back, you always have time if it matters.” …author Kim Stolz

Don’t ‘reason’ yourself out of keeping promises you make to yourself…out of doing what matters. If you would do it for someone else, DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

Not sure what that looks like, schedule a free 30-minute coaching consult to determine if I can help you figure that out, http://crenecoach.acuityscheduling.com/

Be A Bird Brain

Hello Lovely!

It’s September. We made it. Seriously. If you’re reading this, you’re still on this side of heaven with the opportunity to do what you do. And I truly hope it’s what you WANT to be doing.

The suffering and devastation that’s occurring in Houston from Harvey (and the new threat to the east coast from Irma) causes us to rally to help people we don’t personally know, hug our loved ones closer, and take a (often temporary) reprieve from taking life for granted.

Never mind, that Every Day All Day, tragedy is occurring somewhere to someone.

I attended a wedding earlier this summer and found out today that one of the groomsmen, a 24-year old man, was struck and killed by lightning while walking with his friends on a Florida beach!

My life experience (unexpected illness, death, and life transition) has molded me to put off as little as possible. The blog title comes from an article I read about birds being much smarter than previously believed and how being tagged ‘bird brain’ is far from an insult. This line in particular, struck me:

“Birds will wait for better. But if you give our gray parrot…the better treat first, he’ll look at you for about a second as of to say, ‘What, are you kidding? I’m not waiting for a worse treat.’ Then he’ll grab it.”

Many of us are presented with a great treat (an exciting work opportunity, a travel adventure, a new relationship), but we let fear or the fallacy of holding out for ‘better’ keep us from experiencing the right-now-treat.

Life is arbitrary. Stop Waiting. Be a bird brain.

The Birthday Blog

It’s my birthday!! I wanted to write a profoundly inspiring, Kick-A birthday message. Then I saw Pablo Neruda’s words on my friend, Sharon Zink’s FB page and I’ve learned not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

These words are more than profoundly inspiring. I’m blessedly grateful to say that these words…

Are. My. Life.

If they aren’t for you now, I hope they will be soon. Back to the celebration. ♥️💃🏽🌈

P.S. If you want to stop “dying slowly” and start living your dreams, check out the opportunities to work with me under Coaching and Classes. Don’t miss the FREE coaching session bonuses that end at midnight tonight.

Say It Loud!

The Weekly News in cReneCoach-land…

Heyyyy Everyone!

This has been a mixed bag week for me and probably for most of you too. I addressed that in my blog, Afraid or Fierce. Read here if you missed it, https://crenecoach.com/afraid-or-fierce/.  No more muting myself out of fear or to make others comfortable in that icky way we do that feels like swallowing bile.

On a happier note, This is the week of the eclipse and also my birthday! WOOT!!

“A solar eclipse is a celestial event in which the moon passes between the sun and Earth and blocks all or part of the sun.” Wikipedia

I’ve been reflecting on the past birthday year and how much I’ve gotten out of my own way re letting my light shine. This has resulted in more clarity and creativity in my business which has brought more clients and opportunities. I can’t say enough how FREEING mindset work is and how much I love guiding women through it who are motivated to live what they crave. The freer you get yourself, the freer you are to help others. Fancy that!

Speaking of living what you crave, the September selection for The Freedom Chronicles Book Club is a deliciously enlightening read,  The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passionhttps://crenecoach.com/the-l-t-s-g-book-cluba-crenecoach-jam/

Another ‘living what you crave ‘ opportunity re work/career is the Your Next Move teleclass, https://crenecoach.com/your-next-move/

In honor of my birthday, I’m adding FREE as in ‘no additional cost’ coaching hours to your sign-up!! Yes, I’m giving away up to 58 (my age) free hours if you sign up by midnight 8/23. Annnndddd…If you refer someone who signs up and gives your name, you also get free coaching. You can’t beat this deal with a stick!

Finally…The Desire Map retreat offer will be released soon!! Fab travel agent, Gerrilyn Grant is finalizing the details so block your calendars for April 26-29, 2018.

Happy eclipse watching and if you’re ready to stop blocking your light, sign up for one of the great opportunities above or schedule a free consult with me.




Afraid or Fierce

Last night, while driving to meet girlfriends for dinner, I felt anxious and afraid. I was listening to MSNBC journalist Joy Reed interview Rev. Traci Blackmon. Rev. Blackmon gave a chilling account of what she witnessed in Charlottesville over the seminally horrifying weekend of  hate group terrorist activity and her reaction to 45’s lying characterization of those events and emboldenment of the perpetrators.

Throughout my life, I’ve been in speculative conversations with friends and family about what we would have done during slavery and conversations of gratitude for the sacrifices of our ancestors and the more recent sacrifices of civil rights foot soldiers…some we are related to or knew.

Last night, the fear of being attacked for being black weighed on me, not as a shameful part of America’s historical record, but as a clear and present danger NOW. We talked about this at dinner and stated that even depending on the police for help is not an option since we don’t know who’s in the hate club and who’s not. I stayed up most of the night watching the news shows and feeling more and more depressed and pessimistic about who we are as a country(doing less of this!).

And as always, God pulled me off the ledge of despair. The title of my morning devotion??

Not Fear But Faith (The Daily Bread)

And it’s as simple and hard as that! This week, Mr. Washington is away taking care of an older family member in the throes of dementia. Different friends are:

celebrating a new marriage,

preparing to move across the country,

supporting family members in crisis,

sending children back to school,

grieving the death of family members,

showing up and showing out for their J.O.B.

We do all of this while living with the added weight of knowing we’re an identified target. I’m a person of faith who loves Jesus. These hate-filled asshats who claim to do so are liars! If you aren’t a believer, please also don’t believe they represent my faith. If you are, we’ve got to be louder than than them and I don’t just mean by speaking…but do speak  Truth to Krazy whenever you can!

My ‘loud’ will also be in doubling down in my life mission to Free The Women. To coach as many women as possible to Live Free by doing work that feeds their purpose and allows them to direct their influence and resources towards what they value. I believe we have the power to change this world for good and say Bye to those who can’t get on board with that.

“Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me ’round.” Negro spiritual and civil rights anthem

We have to Know It. Own It. Live It. That requires stepping over fear and into Fierceness.

Join me.

P.S. If you want help getting clear on what your lane of Fierceness looks like and how you can walk in it, check out my coaching packages, or join my virtual book club. Or do both! https://crenecoach.com/clarity-to-freedom-packages/ 


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Unclog Your Drain!

Yesterday the plumber came. Not earth shattering news, but revelatory for me because that visit was a long time coming. Longer than I want to confess.

We’re doing mind detox work in the BARE group I help coach and a big Aha for me is a mental block I had around what Mr. Washington ‘should’ do. We had issues with the three house toilets and a slow-draining sink. He rigged the worst toilet enough to work, but other than that, was not concerned. I was VERY concerned, imagining flooding toilets and was irritated by the slow drain(that I use daily and he doesn’t), but did nothing because HE should handle it!

What the hay??!! I won’t list all of the things he DOES do, but suffice to say this was a totally created issue based on a limiting belief I had around what ‘the man’ SHOULD handle. Yes… Ms. evolved, enlightened, feminista was stuck in an old paradigm around house repair.

And the deeper issue? Wanting him to care about what I care about. Because I certainly get revved up about everything that revs him up. NOT!!

Every time I turn on the faucet in the now free-flowing sink, I’m reminded of how much better I feel when I drain mental junk. When I let go of ‘shoulds’ that keep me ‘clogged’.

This is what great coaching does: unclogs mental drains and flushes emotional baggage. Don’t suffer.

Call the damn plumber. Or Coach!

P.S. Got some ‘SHOULDs’ to drain? Check out my virtual book club, renamed The Freedom Chronicles. Last month’s members raved about Freedom Seeker and we even had a video message from the author. I’m excited about September’s selection which continues our focus on moving toward Living the Life You CHOOSE. Click here for details, https://crenecoach.com/the-l-t-s-g-book-cluba-crenecoach-jam/

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Stepping Back To Move UP

Within three years of what would be a 28-yr corporate career, I was promoted into management. And a few years after that, I knew that I couldn’t stay in that role. I felt overwhelmed and behind the eight ball on a daily basis. Amazingly, I was viewed as a good manager, but I knew that my faking it would soon be outed. I loved the company and didn’t want to leave, so I explored my options.

This was major! I didn’t know of a precedent for someone voluntarily stepping out of management. I only knew about people being asked out. But even though it scared me to think I could be ruining any chance of future progression, I applied for a professional non-management position and got it.

I was reminded of this recently because I made the decision to reduce my coaching prices. Also a scary move because of all the messaging I’ve heard on womanpreneurs undervaluing their services. This is true. What’s also true is that everyone’s path is different and as I often share, mine skews crooked.

As soon as I dropped my prices, women began contacting me to hire me! And this wasn’t about them knowing about the price drop. They didn’t. I believe it’s my new mindset energy. I feel good about what I’m charging and that’s translating into new clients and cool opportunities. So much so, that I had a Hallelujah-Thank-You-Lord dance break!

And my corporate self-imposed demotion?? I did well in that role and eventually ended up returning to management, running the management training program(!!), the soft skills training program for all employees, and discovering my true calling: life coaching.

Stepping back can be the ticket to moving you forward.

P.S. In a work funk and ready to figure out what your next steps should be?? Ready to feel good about your day-to-day and receive what that good feeling manifests? I dropped the price of  Your Next Move too(a $700 drop only in cost NOT value!) and it’s an incredible not-to-be-missed deal for woman ready to write their next chapter.

Don’t. Miss. Your. UP.


Scare Yo Self!

Hellooooo, Everybody!

I’m an admitted personality test fanatic. The media versions used to be pretty transparent in how to skew a result, but recent ones seem to be more credible and accurate… and they’re always fun. I took one called, Which Female Archetype Are You? and got (in high to lower % order): Warrior/Queen/Maiden/Wise Woman.

Topping out with Warrior surprised me because the scared zone has been my lane All My Life.

Yep, my biggest opponent has been myself or rather the limited version of me my lizard brain wants me to be. I constantly battle ‘You can’t’…, ‘You shouldn’t’…, ‘That’s not for you.’ thoughts. Thankfully, since I’ve been in this war since teen-hood, my turn to the free yo self lane happens a little quicker.

My trick for The Lizard? Instead of trying to banish her (which makes her fight harder to be heard), I’ve adopted her as my friend. She’s trying to send help that I rarely need. I acknowledge that, say thanks but no thanks and send her on her not-so-merry way.

So, YESSSS, I’m a Warrior and a Queen/Maiden/Wise Woman too!! I fight to live the life I envision, even if I have to fight myself. And the dividends keep paying off! This week in cReneCoach-land:

  • I completed a ‘scare yo self’ challenge of doing 5 consecutive FB live videos (stay tuned, I’ll be doing Freedom Friday Live on FB each week!)
  • I applied and was chosen as one of two BARE coaches to manage the FB page for the BARE Daily membership community.
  • The first book discussion (Freedom Seeker by Beth Kempton) for my new virtual book club (renamed The Freedom Chronicles) was a great success! Next book will be in September.
  • I’m one of the workshop presenters for a FAB women’s conference called Be Golden, with headliner Awesomely Luvvie, who’s been on my ‘want to meet’ list! Would love for you to join me, http://begoldenstaygolden.com/. Use code GOLDEN for an additional $400 discount thru 8/31.
  • The beautiful abstract painting series above (Strength to Love) by artist, Shauna Meiri, was “deeply inspired” by a line from one of my posts, “the goal is not perfection, the goal, is love”. Whattttttt????!!!!! Blew. Me. Away.
  • I created a ‘loads of good stuff’ teleclass, Your Next Move, to help people be as happy about work as I am that starts 8/8/17. If you’re unhappy at work…if you’re reading this with the dread of Monday in the back of your mind,  It’s Time for you to Stop That! by joining this group. https://crenecoach.com/your-next-move/

We can ALL be warriors…for ourselves, for those we love, for our passions. Acknowledge your fear and keep stepping unless there’s a ‘real danger’ reason not to. The Joy of Freedom is on the other side of scary.

Scare Yo Self.

You never know who you might inspire.

P.S. Want to learn your female archetypes? Click here, https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/597220486d5a5d00114ae961