I am sitting at my new desk, in my new life, which I am enjoying, looking over the notes of our sessions.  Thank you a million times over for helping ME to come out of hiding.  God used you to push me.  I have taken hold of the poem “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson.  I think I mentioned before I was stagnated by fear but I am now free and fearless to be me.  YOU ROCK” ~ Linda Paul, Legal Admin Asst.

I’m a freedom loving woman in my sixties, well past a long, successful corporate career, enjoying what I call a Midlife Remix…a big part of which is helping women in their 50’s, 60’s, and beyond, ditch the It’s Too Late lie and start living the Life Remix they’re craving.

And what I’ve learned from coaching hundreds of women (and my own journey through illness, divorce, burnout, and grief) is that uncovering and tapping into your Who, What, and How at this stage of life is the path to thriving in life…instead of giving up on life.

From the woman who quit her job and moved across country to manifest her desire to live and work near her grandchildren to the woman who took her first international trip at age 66 to the woman who’s ending ‘obligated to everyone else’ living and leaning into her artistic creativity….old paradigms are being are being flipped and new chapters are being written!

After our sessions, I always feel energized, focused and I have a specific action plan. ~ Delores Simmons, retired Federal Attorney


I know from 20+ years of coaching in corporate and as a life coach that many things can derail us from creating best life living of rich relationships, enriching new careers/businesses, healthy habits, memorably joyful experiences, and more. There are two contributing foundational factors I see that are always present in the derail:

a funky mindset based in some type of F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real)

broken or non-existent boundaries

The Midlife Remix: B.O.S.S. UP Your Boundaries! is your path to flipping that script.

If you’re highly motivated to make the change you want in your life RIGHT NOW, this is your package! B.O.S.S. UP Your Boundaries! is a specially curated coaching intervention that includes:

– Five 55 minute coaching sessions (must be completed within ten week time frame)

– Gap assessment re where you are, where you want be and the poor boundaries getting in your way

– Action plan that closes your gap, including accountability that keeps you on track

– Coaching access between sessions during business hours through text/email/Vox

The Investment…$2500

Schedule a 55 minute consult call ($500 and the $500 applies to the $2500 investment) here

“Wow! You have just been a gem to my life! I’m so different now! You taught me to [own] my goals and believe in them.”Dr. Taryn Fletcher, Executive Director

Don’t want a full package? Want to discuss something curated differently than above? Let’s create a Customized Coaching Plan. Schedule a consult ($500 investment applicable to curated coaching plan) here.

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  1. On August 23rd, 2025, I’ll be 65!!!!! And those who know me well, know that I celebrate every birthday for at least a month and milestones get a year! To kick off my Dance to 65, there’s a FAB deal for you: during the month of August, I’m doing 65, 30-minute coaching sessions for $65 (a $185 savings). That’s a steal! And, Yes, you can buy more than one session. Don’t. Sleep. On. This. Schedule here
  2. For those wanting a deeper dive, I’m opening up 6 slots only for The Midlife Remix Deluxe
  • 6 months 5 days (there’s a theme! LOL)
  • Weekly calls (as needed)
  • Spot coaching (mini-calls, text, email, Vox, WhatsApp) during business hours
  • Virtually, Your Coach On Call!
  • Investment $6500 ($6000 savings!)
  • Schedule consult call ($500 applicable to package) here

OR Want a Midlife Remix Deluxe VIP Weekend?

  • Friday evening dinner session
  • Saturday: Breakfast
  • Saturday: Create Your Next Move Life Planning
  • Saturday: 2 hours/$200 for spa time or retail therapy on me
  • Saturday: Dinner
  • Sunday: Return home with an Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh new attitude and plan for keeping it!
  • Includes deluxe hotel accommodations
  • Investment $6500
  • Schedule consult call ($500) here

Why do I charge for consult calls? Because your life will be changed after that call. Because I only work with women who are ready to take action. If you want to check me out ‘for free’, you can read my blogs, watch my YouTube show, The Midlife Remix For Black Women Over 50, subscribe to The Sunday Sip, or check out my media interviews.

Treat Yourself to Investing In Yourself!

And remember, the consult call fee applies to your selected coaching plan. This is your time!

”She helped me face the fact that I was holding on to certain situations for fear that they would not be replaced in my life with something better. The ability to “thrive” in my career and life rather than just “survive” is a much healthier place to be. I credit her with helping me to arrive at an exciting point in my career and life today!” ~ Melanie McNary, VP HR