A few weeks ago, I was in the emergency room for a health scare that turned out to be just that…a scare. Monday night I was back in the emergency room again, this time with my husband and his siblings, taking their mother. As I said in a previous blog, sitting in the emergency room makes you think about some things.

Much has been written on the seemingly non-stop death march of famous people this year. And we know that people die daily who’s footprint may be small but who’s loss is no less devastating to those who love them. We try to process death(and prevent our own) by getting (or when it comes to the famous, guessing) as much information as possible about HOW they died. I’ve seen FB threads of people using a celebrity’s supposed cause of death as a cautionary tale for lifestyle choices they say we SHOULD be making and getting in arguments with people who push back.


This is not THAT. Yes, we can and have learned from people’s illnesses and deaths. Not only learned, but lived longer and better lives. So get health checks, make needed changes specific to YOUR health profile. Eat well. Move more. ENJOY LIFE!


THIS is about that Enjoy Life part. It’s about looking at how people lived, not how they died. And if you think that’s a frivolous focus, go sit in an emergency room one evening. We have the choice to free ourselves from whatever…whoever…is binding us, constricting us, slowly but surely KILLING US.


This is what I’m choosing to let die in 2016:

Fear(that doesn’t serve me…there must be a lion, tiger, or bear!)
Clutter(It just doesn’t work for me, it may for you)
Practicality(that masks settling: I hate the damn rug and it’s going!)

What will you bury in 2016? Refuse to carry into 2017? IT’S TIME. We don’t know how many more days we’ll have, but we CAN choose how to make the most of the ones we get.

Sadly, my mother-in-law won’t see 2017. She did, however, live a long, full life knowing she was loved. I hope that for ALL of us in whatever manifestation we desire.

Make 2017 be more than happy, make it be On Purpose…YOUR Purpose!