Collage by Adrienne Marshall

“Keep your personal business, personal.”

“Don’t discuss politics or religion.”

“Wear the corporate uniform.”

“You’re always on ‘the job’ even at social work events.”

“You have to be twice as good as ‘them’ to get half as much.”

“You can’t get away with what ‘they’ do.”

These are just a few of the ‘rules to live by’, that were ingrained in me from my family and during my 27 yr. corporate career that I, in turn, ingrained in others. These rules were rules for a reason: they worked. Wearing the mask, living by the black/white code and playing corporate chess kept you from the termination walk of shame or banishment to the Siberia of ‘won’t-ever-be-promoted’.

And I will still tell young corporate-bound employees that even with the huge societal shifts we’ve experienced, a lot of these rules are still a reality…maybe a hidden reality for legal purposes…but real. What I add is that because there are so many more options now re WHAT work we do and HOW we do it, selecting the golden corporate cage is simply a choice, not a given. It works for many and for about 20 years, it worked for me. But the handcuffs began to chafe…began to drag me down. Because I changed.

My mom told me we live life in stages. There are layers within some stages and total exits from others. Get the lesson, the blessing and modify or move on.

When I made the decision to leave corporate, I thought the actual exit plus a little regrouping time would be all it took to morph into my ‘out of my constrictions’ self. Oh, and changing from being called by my first name, Cheryl(formal) to being called by my middle name, René(free). Wrong! The indoctrination was DEEP. I was still in heavy edit mode re how I presented myself to others, shared myself with others, and how I used my voice.

It’s been a process to shed most (not all!) of Cheryl and roll in the next chapter:cReneCoach! And I say most, not all, because I love and appreciate Cheryl…she’s still with me, and the ‘Cheryl’ stage of my life was great! Successes, Fails, Loves, Hates, LOTS of Learning…LIFE!!

One of my favorite quotes is, “She knew there was more.” I was ready for my MORE. The journey has been one of fits(real ones!), starts(and re-starts), and a whole new world of life-expanding experiences!

I chose WEIGHTLESS as my word this year because my highest intention is to live FREE . Free to…

flow as the Child of God I am…

use my voice and coaching platform to help other women live their personal freedom, and…

take a stand for causes I believe in.

There’s even music attached to my word, Weightless

Weight for me presented in different ways: physical, mental, emotional, relational, and financial. 2017 is my year to drop the final vestiges of ALL. Of. That.

Feeling burdened in any area of your life is a sign to take stock, to examine what needs to be released or changed. Yes, looking is scary but Oh. So. Worth. It. Once I got through the scary(give up my good job?, no plan??, what if I crash & burn?), I saw the possibility(my gift has value, I CAN run a business, I can live a life that provides the funds and flexibility I desire) that is now my reality(working for myself as hard as I did for someone else is more fun and soon to be more fruitful!).

Now…I MAKE MY OWN RULES. And I change them when I wanna.

What’s your MORE? Feeling burdened? Are you afraid to look? Ready for New Life Rules? Maybe it’s about how you want to show up in the world during the next four years!

I didn’t do it alone. Some great coaching helped me. And yes, I consider myself a great coach, but someone else shining the light can provide the breakthrough that’s eluded you. I would LOVE for you to check out my coaching services AND I’m also happy to refer. Everybody ain’t for everybody! The main thing is for you to FREE YO SELF!!

P.S. If you’re local and ready to start your freedom trek or have stalled and need assistance, come to my Release Your Vision: A Board Party Friday, January 20th,  Release Your Vision

P.P.S. If you’re ready for a deeper dunk, BARE is your ticket to living the WEIGHTLESS life. Ask me about BARE.

Because I Said I Would

I’m posting this because I made a commitment to myself to release a blog every week. And as we know, commitments made to ourselves are more easily broken than those we make to others. A few weeks ago, I stayed up until 3am making a cheesecake for a friend of a friend because I’d promised her one by the next day. A friend of a friend who would have been fine getting it a day or two later. But commitments I made to myself to…

sleep more

eat well

move more

promote my business…

were easily rationalized away or put off until…wait for it…TOMORROW.

Not anymore. This is a not a New Year’s resolution.

It’s treating myself with the same respect I treat others.

It’s being good to me.

It’s living my life on purpose.

I had good reason to justify taking a posting break: a family matter rightly consumed most of my time this week. Sometimes, though, a reason becomes an excuse.

“There is always enough time. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone’s excuse is ‘I didn’t have time.’ From getting important work done to texting someone back, you always have time if it matters.” …author Kim Stolz

Don’t ‘reason’ yourself out of keeping promises you make to yourself…out of doing what matters. If you would do it for someone else, DO IT FOR YOURSELF!