Ep #29: Why Failure Is Nothing to Fear

Something I see in so many women who are in this midlife stage is a fear of failure holding them back from doing amazing things. Now, I understand fear. I experience it myself. But what I have also learned is that taking big leaps in the face of fear, if it doesn’t produce something good, it always at least produces a life-changing lesson.

I’ve messed up my fair share of times. And I know you have too. And I also know that, if you really think about it, each of your failures will have taught you something amazing down the road. So I’m sharing some tips today to help you see what it is you have learned from your failures, so you don’t let them get in the way of trying something big in the future.


15 Minutes to Live

On the Queen Mary voyage to the UK 2016

The time I kill is killing me.“ ~ Mason Cooley

It was going to be a quick run in the museum shop to get a gift, but when I got to the door, I found out there was a 15 minute wait until it opened. I immediately thought, ‘I have 15 minutes to kill.’ and reached for my cell phone. Dang! Left it in the car. 

I could move my body by walking around the plaza, but my cute-heeled boots weren’t conducive for that kind of walking. 

I could strike up a conversation with one of the other people waiting, but wasn’t feeling like forced conversation. 

As I continued to explore my time options, it came to me that ‘killing time’ is a pretty dumb thing to say and do. Why not LIVE time instead? In 15 minutes, you can…

make out with your honey…

have a great conversation with your friend OR a stranger…

listen to a TED talk…

get fifteen minutes further in that book you want to finish…

purge some clothes to donate…

dance break!…

play with a child…

write a thank you note…


coffee/tea time…

choose your next vacay location…

make a gratitude list…

make a list of (YOUR) accomplishments (tremendously affirming!)…

write the outline for that book in your head…


And what did I do to LIVE my 15 minutes of museum opening wait time? I mentally scribed this blog. 

Addendum: Subsequent to creating this blog post, I saw the horribly sad news of the deaths of basketball great, Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the three other people. I pray their last 15 minutes were happy.

We. Do. Not. Have. Time. To. Kill. 

LIVE with life-affirming intention, everyday!

P.S. Another great way to spend (a little over) 15 minutes: Listen to the Midlife Woman Redefined podcast here. THE FINAL (for now!) EPISODE is about worry and fail and drops Wednesday!!
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Ep #28: (Part 2) 20 Lessons for 2020

Last week, I gave you part one of my list of lessons for the decade of 2020. This week, I want to bring you the remaining 10 nuggets of inspiration that will have you living bolder and better for the next 10 years.

At this time in our lives, it’s so easy to get caught up in what other people want you to be and letting yourself take a backseat. That’s not what we’re about over here. We are only in a position to serve others once we have taken care of ourselves, and the lessons I’m sharing today will help you figure out exactly who you are and what you want from midlife.




Ep #27: (Part 1) 20 Lessons for 2020

I had a client recently who, it turns out, has been taking note of a lot of the things I have said to her. She carries them around to remind herself of them when she needs a little reminder. So, I thought I’d do the same for you today.

We are entering a new decade, and it’s time to make sure we are living the best way we know how. No more apologizing for going after what you want and no more putting everyone else first. This is our decade, mavens.



Keep it Simple, Sister!

Being interviewed for the BARE Documentary

 “I started to realize that doing everything the same way hadn’t been working out too well.” ~ Sheriff Longmire (Netflix series, Longmire)

We make life soooo much harder than it needs to be, don’t we? And I believe it’s because we confuse simple with easy.

We know exactly what to do to live a healthy and abundantly joyful life (Yes, you do!). Yet…we move forward, then stumble back. We want it to be easy. Let that delusion go! Because guess what? Doing ‘the simple-maybe-not-easy’ things on automatic is what brings the ease we crave. We build ‘best life’ muscles. My plan:

  1. Get (and) keep my mind set on what powers me up.
  2. Follow my inner compass.
  3. Live life-fueling habits, as joyfully as possible.
  4. Help others.
  5. Repeat daily.

This is our time! Keep it simple.

P.S. Be sure to catch me on the free podcast, Midlife Woman Redefinedhere.

P.P.S. Go see the movie, Just Mercy, and strongly consider supporting the work of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

Ep #26: Black Women in Love with Karen Beverly

I was watching a show recently about interesting real-life love stories. And while the show was enjoyable, there was no representation of black women and their experiences of modern dating. I complained about it for a while, but then I decided, because black women fall in love just like everybody else, I have a unique opportunity to showcase that reality right here on the podcast!

On the first edition of my Black Women in Love series I have the fabulous Karen Beverly. Karen is a dear friend of mine; she lives life on her terms, and I’ve been so lucky to have her in my life. Karen got divorced when she was young, then put her life on hold to adopt and raise a child. Then, when she reached midlife, she took it upon herself to open up to something she’d never considered before, and what happened was truly magical.


The René-isms: 20 Lessons for the 20’s – Part Two

Hello 2020!

As promised, here are the last ten Rene-isms (if you missed the first ten, click here). And if you’re ready to live your Best Life-isms, click here to see the work-with-me options. I’m only taking the Brave and the Bold who MUST get to their Better!

  1. Self-love is not selfish…it’s high octane fuel. Sitting on your dreams…THAT’s selfishness.
  2. Keep your Attention on your INtention.
  3. Money is simply an energy exchange. God has all the money.
  4. When I truly surrender, my life takes flight.
  5. What lights me up, illuminates my path. I follow love.
  6. A decision is a choice, not a life sentence. I can always change my mind.
  7. Everything good to do isn’t good for ME to do.
  8. Never be afraid to seek the mirror and look into the mirror. It’s ALL information. 
  9. I’m not privy to God’s plan, and that makes life and death arbitrary in my limited vision. Therefore, I choose to dream and live in the NOW. And if I’m not dead, it’s not too late. 
  10. Faith, Family, Friends…NOTHING is more important.

Bonus: Living in peace doesn’t negate speaking my piece.

P.S. Be sure to catch me on the free podcast, Midlife Woman Redefinedhere. This week’s episode features friend and Renaissance Woman, Karen Beverly as part of my new series, Black Women In Love!

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Ep #25: Living Well in 2020

We are officially in 2020, a new year and a new decade. Now, this is the time where most people have set resolutions for themselves to follow throughout the year, in the hopes of achieving their goals. However, this year, I will not be participating.

What I have chosen to do this year is to follow my nudges – that little push that you feel when you have the opportunity to take action that moves you towards where you want to go. That is how I will be living well in 2020.