What’s The Source of Your Infection?

Hello Beautiful!

About a year ago, my dentist told me that one of my teeth was dead and needed to be removed. I won’t bore you with my dental phobia, but suffice it to say that I chose to believe she was mistaken. I brush, floss, and SmartMouth daily. The tooth wasn’t even bothering me. How could it have died without my knowing it? Didn’t want to think about an impending road construction-like experience in my mouth. Why hasn’t someone invented quiet dental tools? It’s the 21st century!!

Fast forward to this year’s exam and I could no longer avoid the truth. The tooth still wasn’t causing me any problems, but I could see on the x-ray that soon it would. Prayer, meditation, tapping, the smooth jazz station, and that wonderful calming aid called nitrous oxide helped me make it through the procedure without losing my mind up in there…up in there. LOL

Here’s my BIG AHA: the hygienist told me there was a lot of infection under the tooth. She said I was going to feel a lot better even though I may not have realized it because our body’s immune system fights infection, which can be tiring. And she was right! I do feel better…less draggy. I even lost some body swelling.

Years ago, I learned how insidious stress can be when I had a mini-stroke in the midst of thinking I had my drama under control. Now, another example of how not dealing with your sh#t…in whatever form it takes…can drag your life or even cause you to go splat!

“Your subtle messaging and coaching to take small steps have made a huge difference in my life.”

“You helped me let my sh$#t go! and it’s made ALL the difference.”

I just had the most enlightening conversation with my Coach c.René. I don’t use the word life-changing often. But in this case, life-changing really doesn’t adequately describe it. The conversation has changed the trajectory of my life. It’s nothing like finding out what you are good at and created to do. I’m about to add value to the world in a way no one else can. More to come!”

These are quotes from happy clients I’ve worked with during the past several months. I don’t coach from the mountain, I coach from the trenches of working through my own mindsh#t and showing you how to do the same so we can ALL live in our personal brand of Freedom and Purpose.

What’s infecting YOUR life that you’re ignoring? Let That Sh#t Go!



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Leaving The Ledge

I forgot the sour cream. My homemade cheesecakes have earned near legendary status in my circles. Apple, praline, bananas foster, Boston, and the one I make the most, a classic New York-style.

I made one to take to a family dinner, but because I worked most of the day into the night, it was 10pm before I got started on it. Into the oven it went close to 11pm and that’s when I realized that I hadn’t gotten sour cream to make the topping. Ugh!!

My mind mentally catalogued my fail…for about five minutes. Then I pulled myself off the ledge, reminding my lizard brain that ain’t nobody gonna to die over a topping-less cheesecake. I had strawberries and pineapple and that would have to do for toppings. If anyone complained, I’d explain I was trying something different.


No one even mentioned it. They ate the naked cheesecake and raved about it as usual.

Catastrophizing is real. Our brains are wired to do it. The great news is that we can rewire it to move from Freakout Ledge to Let That Sh#t Go Ave. (see how I did that? LOL).

There was a time when my automatic response would have been to jump in the car and head to 24-hr Wally World OR send hubby, but mindset work makes the round trip from krazy back to sanity blessedly short.

Send me your ‘ledge’ stories. And if you visit there often,

Stop right now,


and set your mind on peace.

Your go-to question for the ledge: Is anybody gonna die? No? That means it’s survivable.







Let It Go!

Hello Beautiful!

Why am I always talking about letting your sh#t go? Because it’s biologically necessary for us to do so…on the regular…which makes it one of the best life metaphors for changing your mind to change your life.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Not letting our mind-sh#t go leads to a wasted mind which leads to a less-than life.

I listened to a FB Live series on decluttering from the force of spirit that is Tamara Joy Scott and even though I’m a pretty vigilant declutterer, her message made me realize that I was holding on to some things out of fear not love.

Da suits! Da suits!

I have purposed to de-corporate-tize my brain and after a 27-year career that ain’t easy! But the more I move away from that structured mindset, the more I roll in my passion: coaching women to get out of their own way and live their personal brand of freedom.

Tamara’s message made me realize that I was subconsciously holding on to a few remaining suits in case I needed to go backwards. And I’ve done some corporate work and haven’t worn any of those suits! It’s not the suits, it’s what I was making them mean.

My ‘just in case’. My ‘don’t burn a bridge’. My plan B.

Well, I’m letting THAT sh#t go! I’m ALL in on this entrepreneurial journey. Plan B’s are good and I’m beyond grateful for those corporate years, but the safety net can compromise the full manifestation of our gifts. I thought about…

The look on the face of one of my L.T.S.G. program members who’s let so much mind-sh#t go...

The excitement in the voice of another L.T.S.G. member when she realized that the only person standing in the way of that big trip she wanted to take was her (she booked it!)…

All of the Aha’s that my retreaters experienced and are using to move themselves forward…

THIS is how I know that walking in your passion is not some Woo Woo thing, it’s a Real Talk/Purpose-in-Action thing!

So those suits are going to My Sister’s Closet.

And I will keep asking: What sh#t do you need to let go? What box (or ‘suits’) do you need to free yourself from?

The only block is YOU.




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Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 20th! Let That Sh#t Go!, the MasterMind is open for registration. To apply for a seat and get full details , schedule a Discovery Call with me at ConnectWithRene.com. If you’re at that midlife What About Me? stage and you’re serious about reclaiming and redesigning your life, this 6-month program (based on my signature 9-box framework) is the answer.

In a mini-crisis and only need a one-time session? My new Mind-Set-Go hour of power is your brainstorming-to-solution choice! Click Mind-Set-Go.

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Getting To Your Yes!

“...Do not stop asking your question. It’s amazing what can happen. You can get to your YES!” ~ Producer Ken Davenport in his Tony Awards acceptance speech (Best Revival of a Musical, Once On This Island)

What is your question?

What answer would feel like a This Is My YES miracle??

My question: What’s the best way for me to help as many women as possible answer their YES?

Women who have lived, worked, loved, supported, nurtured, chased, run, and crawled through this grand experiment called Life and made it to that What About Me? stage aka midlife…

Who keep feeling that nudge to take the time to reflect, reinvent, and rock a new way of being that feels Free and based in true priority commitment…

And for whom confronting their question has moved from nudge to scream and become an imperative.

That’s my question and my passion to action is helping those women answer their question.

What’s your question? Respond to this email to tell me. I’d love to know!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my dad and all of the men who have provided you and/or your children with love, support, and life-lasting lessons!

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Are You Savoring or Settling?

“You’re killing my vibe. I’m coming back by myself tomorrow.” (said to a friend while dining in one of my favorite restaurants)

Let me back up up a bit. I’m 59 and at 50, I began tightening some boundaries. These are the thrive years. More freedom. More flexibility. And an acknowledgment of how arbitrary life can be. I don’t live in fear of disability, death, or disaster, but I do work hard to not take the blessing of my now for granted.

So I’m much more protective of my space. I chose to stop sharing hotel rooms at 50 because I need to detach and regroup at the end of the day. And I stopped attempting to convince people to love what I love. Which is why I opted out of returning to the restaurant with my friend. It wasn’t so much about the friend, whom I love to pieces. It was that this particular restaurant is a special dining treat for me…one that I’m only able to have once or twice a year. Restaurant outings for me are typically as much about the company as the food and I’m pretty neutral on how the experience goes down. But this one is my ‘treat yo self’ exception. If friends enjoy it, YAY! But if not, Bye! I want only positive energy. LOL

Everything ain’t for everybody. ~ Jill Scott

I let go of dragging Mr. Washington to places that he has no interest in because it only makes us both miserable. I let go of trying to convince friends that they should join a particular experience with me.

I want to savor and soak up as many PME’s (positive memorable experiences) as possible. It’s the rare loved one who’s one-size-fits-all for our desire closet. And I’m being more conscious of not being the vibe killer for others.

What experience do you deny yourself or enjoy less than you could because you’re doing it with someone who isn’t feeling it like you do? How often are you settling to accommodate other’s needs at the expense of your own? When will you Let That S%#t Go?

Yes, sometimes compromise is optimal, but if you’re settling more than savoring…feeling more drained than LIT UP!…

Let That S%#t Go!

It’s time to savor.


How to Work With Me:

Let That S%#t Go! is a deep and life-changing six month experience for midlife thrivers ready to rewire and create their What About Me? life chapter. It starts in September and full details will be shared in a few weeks.

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Blah Life or Bam! Life?

Hello Beautiful!

One of my “over-the-moon happy” retreaters said, “I’m here for the glassmaking.”  The theme was Design The Life You Love and I chose a glassmaking art gallery as our coaching workshop location. The agenda was group coaching that morning and a glassmaking class that afternoon.

It was one of the most incredible days ever for all of us! And it happened because each of us honored an inner nudging for more.

”I’m grateful but I’m not complacent.” ~ Robin Roberts

My goal was to design and deliver a life-changing retreat for women that would be beyond what they would do for themselves and would have lifelong impact.

One attendee came because she’d done a glassmaking tour in Italy and the chance to make her own glass art tipped the decision scale for her.

Another, after years of gray responses to the ‘what do you want for Christmas?’ question, got real clear: All I want is Rene’s retreat. Her wonderful husband surprised her with it.

Another, knew it was time to reconsider her life direction and when I told her about my retreat, she said “Yes” and immediately registered and paid.

Another had been praying about wanting a retreat, heard about mine and she was in.

These women came together…most not knowing each other…and left bonded to each other and committed to  Yes To Me action. Whatever their motivation for coming was, they left with so much more!

I left even more validated in this intuitive path I’m walking, in which I can sometimes only see one foot ahead. Getting here was twisty. I had to cancel the original date due to a family member’s illness. Several women who said they were going dropped out. I ended up with half of the rooms filled I’d contracted with the hotel and they didn’t want to let me out of it.

But through all of that, I felt an inexplicable calmness and inner knowing that this retreat was going to happen, it would be my best event to date, and All. Would. Be. Well.

That’s exactly what happened.

There are a zillion reasons we can give ourselves for why What We Want can’t happen and every woman on this retreat, including me, had some. What I know for sure is this:

What separates the truly happy…the Bam! living women… from the Blah Blah Blah dying-on-the-vine women, is that they consistently find the way to say Yes! to the things that light them up.

For every reason you tell me you can’t do what you want, I can tell you about someone who (in often worse circumstances) did. Because the blockers aren’t external, it’s a head game. That’s where your change happens.

If you’re ready to BAM! your life…

If you’re at the stage of life where you’re exhausted in carrying everyone else’s priorities to the exclusion of yours…

And you’re ready to answer the What About Me? question…

Get yourself into my free Facebook group, The Midlife Manifest where tips and info will be shared on making these years your time to stop driving yourself into the ground and start thriving! Click here, answer the prompts and if it’s right for you, you’re in!

Whether you want to rock these years or roll through them gently, It’s Your Time.

Reclaim It!




P.S. Those extra rooms I didn’t fill? Thank God I didn’t because our group size was perfect AND I was also extended grace in not being charged for them. Following my inner compass never fails me!

P.P.S. Check out this short video of what we did in our glassmaking class. The coolest hottest experience ever!  LOL