4 Minutes That Might Change Your Life (Updated)

Hello Ladies! Popping in with a video message for you. Please take 4 minutes to view. (Warning: Listen with earbuds if at work or with children.)


Thank you!!

P.S. Resending because the link in the first email wasn’t shareable. Technology continuously tests my commitment but It Won’t Defeat Me! LOL!! I’m Passionately Relentless about my business. And it’s true: It’s not work when you love it!

cReneCoach Tips, Deals and Steals!

Whether you’re coming to the end of your Thanksgiving celebration or a regular weekend, I hope it’s been wonderful!


Some of you may find the holidays challenging. They have been for me the past several years because of ‘the empty chair’. Here’s how I flipped my script. Maybe it will help you flip yours.

After my mom’s death several years ago, my holiday cheer was replaced with a pissy mode from November to January. I wanted this holiday season to be different. Surprising people is one of my jams and “The 12 Days of Thanksgiving” editions of my newsletter provided the perfect opportunity for me to do just that. To keep it going, I’ve been calling (instead of texting) my friends to verbally express my Thanksgiving greetings and sharing the specific reasons I’m grateful for their friendship. I arrived at my family home carrying my mom’s purse and was gratefully present with the family I’ve been blessed to be a part of, while holding mom’s memory. If you’re grieving an “empty chair” or dealing with other holiday drama, change your focus.  It works! Set boundaries that honor that focus. Be X-tra good to yourself!


Here’s some inspiration for keepin’ your body moving through the holiday/winter months from my friend and client, Delores Simmons. I need all the help I can get! LOL!!  Follow her Facebook page for Dee’s ‘Maintain Not Gain’ Holiday Fitness Challenge. Her videos are short, on point and I LOVE seeing clients make those moves to design their life around their passion. YAY, Delores!!


Do you want to set goals you’ll rock instead of resolutions you’ll drop?  If so, join me for the “On The Way To What You Want: A Desire Map Retreat”, January 25-28 in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. It’s limited to TEN SPOTS to provide an intimate gathering experience and time for one-to-one coaching that ensures you leave with your “Be-About-It” plan for 2018. One post-retreat coaching session is included.  Act now and you’ll get 3 Post Retreat Coaching Sessions! To qualify for this Holiday Special, simply pay the $500 deposit by Wednesday, 11/30/17 and the balance by 1/19/18. Click here for Desire Map Retreat Details.

Retreat. Relax. Rewire. YESSSSSSSSS!!

Let That S%#t Go!

Confused about why you don’t have that life you say you want, but can’t quite figure out what to do? You ABSOLUTELY want to check out, Let That S%#t Go!, my 5-week custom teleclass that helps you determine WHAT you want, WHY you don’t have it and HOW to get it. This signature offering is a culmination of observing and tracking the roads traveled and roadblocks my clients (and me) have overcome to make successful life change. See details here.  Space is limited to 15 spots and you’re getting first notice before I advertise wide. Don’t miss my Cyber Week registration special!

Click for details about my Let That S%#t Go! Program

I don’t judge how people spend their $$. That’s your business. I do have a question, though, as you consider all the spending options being thrown at you: If you truly want to be living differently this time next year than you are now, aren’t you worth investing in yourself to make it happen? Be intentional.

Enjoy your week, Ladies!





The 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 12!


“…The key is to surrender to the bigger dream that life has for you. I’m not living the dream because Im special. I’m living the dream because I was obedient to the call of the dream. So, what is life’s dream for you? So many people spend their life hoping and wishing and desiring things. But this is what I do know for sure: You don’t get what you hope for. You don’t get what you wish for. You get what you believe.” ~ Oprah

Oprah spoke above in her and Deepak’s meditation series on time in reference to her early dream to own a home that had six trees. She noticed that rich people’s homes had trees and the richest woman she knew had six. She had a vision for her life and when she truly surrendered to it, her vision was realized beyond what she could see and includes a home from which she can view hundreds of trees!

That may sound woo woo, but I too have experienced this. I was a painfully shy child and only wanted books and my mom. I would cross the street to avoid having to make eye contact with someone. In my teens, the realization came that living the life I wanted wouldn’t happen if I didn’t learn how to engage with people…all kinds of people. So, I did.

Then years ago, I told myself that I had enough friends. More limited thinking! My front row is small, but expanding my definition of connection…expanding my tent, literally expanded my world to include meaningful relationships with people from all parts of the globe and many wonderful experiences with them.  That shy little girl is STILL in me. People don’t believe it because they can’t see it, but she’s there and she’s a great reminder that we are only limited by what we TELL ourselves.

So I ask Oprah’s question again:



Are you Living It?

Getting there starts with GRATITUDE for your right now. I hope you’ve ALL felt the gratitude I’ve attempted to express for you during The 12 Days of Thanksgiving! On this 12th and final day, I’m sending Love and a prayer that you live life beyond your wildest dreams. If you’d like coaching to help you figure that out, email me to schedule a free consult call. And on the 12th Day of Thanksgiving, your coachng is gifting you: a 20% Discount on my coaching services (excluding the retreat)!! Good until 12/31/17**. 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Enjoy a wonderful week of thankfulness! ♥️♥️

The 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 10

It’s Mindset Monday! A few months ago I decided to focus solely on mindset coaching. Regardless of your end goal (work, relationship, weight, etc.), Getting Your Mind Right is Job 1.

I know from wence I speak. I stopped blocking my own path and worked through an old (and wrong!) limiting belief that being an entrepreneur was not for me. It was based on a business class that I took 30 years ago! Had to Let That S%#t Go! and everything changed. Business opportunities come in continuously and I’m having a blast creating coaching opportunities for fabulous women!

Unfortunately it’s not a one and done. There may be a few totally Zen people in the world, but most of us need reminders. Prayer, meditation, coaching, desire mapping, quotes, books are some of my go-tos and my latest resource: a manifesto. I love it so much I’ve done one for business and personal and highly recommend your doing one. It’s a great North Star for keeping yourself on track.

On the 10th Day of Thanksgiving, your coach is giving you: permission to spend 30-45 minutes (don’t over-think it) with yourself, creating your personal manifesto. Here’s an article with instructions, https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5575496. It’s also helpful to jot down your priorities, your dreams/fantasies, and what you want to be remembered for. Don’t over-think, judge, or write to impress. Let it flow. Use Wordswag or Canva to make it cute.

The entry period for The Hyggë Box ends at midnight. I hope you win! 😊 Here’s my personal manifesto.


The 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 9

Joyful Sunday, Everyone! I hope that all of you have at least one day (or part of a day) that you are able to simply chill. For me that’s usually Sunday and winter is my season of chill…pun intended. 😊 I’m less and less inclined to leave my home and prefer being curled up in my favorite lounge-wear sipping warm drinks in total dial-down mode.

Have you heard about the Danish philosophy of hyggë? It caters wonderfully to this lifestyle:

“Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. If you’ve ever enjoyed reading a book indoors on a rainy Sunday or a cup of hot cocoa on a snow day you’ve experienced hygge without even knowing it.” See the full article below.

Even if your life only allows for a ‘hyggë’ hour, Take. That. Hour. It’s important. It’s necessary. It’s life-sustaining.

And to provide a little inspiration for you to do so, On the 9th day of Thanksgiving, your coach is gifting one of you: A Box of Chill and Comfort that includes Fortnum and Mason teabags, Savannah Bee Co. Lavender Honey, and a cozy pair of  Thou Art The Bomb socks. Let me tell you, this tea and the honey are YUMMY! There will be a drawing because I only have one box. You have until midnight Monday to submit your name.



The 12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 8

Woo Hoo! I’ve been having so much fun traipsing the streets of Savannah today that I almost forgot to send Day 8. And that just so happens to connect to today’s theme: laughter!

“A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle

On the 8th Day of Thanksgiving, your coach is gifting you: 3 funny videos, two of which you may have caught on my FB page of me with my partner in fun, Sharon Sherrod aka Lucy. I wish there was video of us in the Laughter Yoga class we visited! LOL We’ll be back next week with a new one. 😊





I can so relate to this yoga video. 😂😂

12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7


Happy Friday, Ya’ll! I’m in Savannah, Ga, one of my favorite cities, hanging out with Mr. Washington and a couple he knows from his old work days. Hope you’re doing something fun for yourself too!

I thought it would be good to provide some ‘get you going’ background music for your weekend, so on the 7th day of Thanksgiving your coach is gifting you: my booty-shaking playlist with your choice to download from iTunes or Spotify.

Get your dance on! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾



12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6

We’re midway through my 12 Days of Thanksgiving. I’m loving the emails you’re sending about how much you’re enjoying it!

I received two lovely quotes to add to my collection:

“However awful the storm of my disappointment, it’s a response that belongs to me. It’s my heart, after all. My territory, my kingdom. And since I’m the only one with authority to give it away, I can also take it back.” (sent by Jasmine Pruitt)

“My recipe for life is not being afraid of myself, afraid of what I think or of my opinions.” ― Eartha Kitt (sent by Malinda T. White)

Thank you, Ladies!

During the holiday season, some of you may spend some of your time catching up on missed TV. I’m a professed and proud TV fanatic. Judge me if you choose, tv snobs. LOL! Nothing’s more interesting to me than human drama and the small screen does an excellent job of mirroring it, especially now during the platinum age of television.

Soooo…On the 6th Day of Thanksgiving, your coach is gifting you: The Definitive (but not exhaustive) List of My Fave TV Shows. These are mostly shows you may not have heard about or watched.


Happy Watching!