Still Waiting? WHY!!??

I met a woman in transition. She’s a divorced grandmother, looking towards the end of a long and successful career, who’s moved across the country to start over in a new city and is ready to figure out her Who Am I?

I’ve been pondering this question for myself. Feeling somewhat out of sorts about not locking in to ONE THING. Then the epiphany:

The ONE THING is staying true to ME…multi-faceted, multi-passionate ME!

Recently someone asked if I get bored. Nope. Have never been bored. Never. What I am is excellent at addition and subtraction. I add what I want to experience and subtract what no longer works for me. I used to buy in to that ‘never quit’ crap. No more.

This week, we lost two women whose lives beautifully illustrate this principle (I’m making it a principle!) of life addition and subtraction.

Style maven, B. Smith was a model, actress, author, television host, and businesswoman and an inspiration to women, particularly those with melanin.

American yoga master, Tao Porchon-Lynch was a model, cabaret performer, actress, and “one of the most acclaimed yoga teachers of our century” (Deepak Chopra).

B. Smith died too young at age 70 from complications of early-onset alzheimers and Tao Porchon-Lynch lived to be the oldest yoga instructor at age 101.

What are you doing with your years?? What is it time to add? To subtract? Don’t quit on YOU!

I’m using ALL of my time to keep contributing through what interests me. Whether that’s being the co-founder of a new company, Career Triage HQ that helps people in career distress (or helps you prevent it) OR helping women figure out your new chapter. We’re in the midst of politically historic times and I’m not sitting on the sidelines. There are so many places I want to visit and I will check off as many as I can. Connecting more deeply with my husband…my nieces…my friends….there’s a LOT to do. Exciting times!

Braver. Bolder. Better. NOT bored.

Who wants to join me? The only thing keeping you from living differently is you. I’d love to help you get out of your own way. Now.

P.S. It’s time to stop wishing and dreaming and ACT! Click here to see ‘work with me’ options. This, from a client who’s stepped in to living her best life and loving it: “I owe much to you and your stupendous coaching (and gentle nudges)”

P.P.S. If you (or someone you know) needs help rehabbing your career, deciding whether is time to ditch it, or wants to get that career started and locked on the good foot, Career Triage: The Masterclass is for you! See details for the April 2nd online masterclass here. Birmingham-area peeps: one of my partners, Tonya Allen and I will be on the ABC 33-40 network talk show, Talk of Alabama, Thursday February 27th, 9am – 10am CST. Set your DVR’s or catch us live talking all things Career Triage!

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I’m soooo excited! Midlife Woman Redefined is not only what I coach, It’s what I walk. Career Triage HQ, my new company in collaboration with powerhouse coaches, Gwen Hall and Tonya Allen, is not me ditching coaching midlife women. That’s still an active passion. Career Triage is an expansion of my grand passion: Coaching, and part of my Braver Bolder Better year!

I’m popping in your inbox to ask for your help. You may be out of the corporate game, but I’m sure you have children, grands, friends…people you know who are still in it. And if you’ve ever been helped by a blog I wrote, a podcast episode I recorded, or coaching I provided, I’m asking you to pay it forward by referring (or treating!) the Career Triage Masterclass to someone who could use it.

The Masterclass is for career professionals (women and men) who want to put themselves on a successful path OR who are frustratingly off track and want to course correct. It’s Wednesday, February 19th, 9am – 12pm CST and it’s online (no travel). Registrants will receive the recording (so there’s no schedule conflict issue) and confidentiality will be protected. The investment is $99 and the value is priceless! Seats (only 50) are selling and we want A SELLOUT!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and while chocolates and flowers are great, expressing love through helping someone set themselves up for success is the best! The registration link is here. Treat or Share. And Thank You!!

LOVE to all of you! Treat Yo Self to loads of self-love all month.

#BraveBolderBetter #MidlifeWomanRedefined #HappyLoveDay

P.S. As I said, I’m still in the coaching midlife women thriving business and if you’re ready for YOUR Braver, Bolder, Better year, let’s talk about your options here.

P.P.S. I never tire of this. LOL! Treat Yo Self to a listen here.

For Best Results, Use Other Side

As some of you know, I’m a Frida Kahlo FANatic. Her persistence and resilience in living life on her own terms and artistry, through tremendous physical pain, heartache, and all manner of trials, inspires me. My first solo-hosted retreat, the Paint Your Own Reality Retreat, centered around a Frida art exhibit in St. Petersburg, FL. It was a wonderfully impactful weekend of women connecting to the inner artist we all possess to design (and live!) the life we crave.

Recently, after enjoying a cuppa coffee in a Frida mug, I checked the bottom for cleaning instructions and laughed out loud when I saw the message, ‘FOR BEST RESULTS, USE OTHER SIDE’. Who would use this side to drink from?? LOL

Then, I realized how often we metaphorically do this: pouring our time, attention, and love into what can’t take it, receive it, or respect it. We live in the futility of defined insanity…doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result. Looking outside of ourselves for answers that rarely come, because our answers are within. In. The. Mirror. Reflecting on who we are and who we want to be, always brings The Answer. That nudge for something different that won’t leave you be is your ‘other side’ that it’s time to use for best results.

It’s February, the month dedicated to all things LOVE. I’m suggesting you give yourself permission to focus on Self-Love. Truth bomb:


Start with writing a love letter to yourself. If that sounds intimidating, make it a love note. Speak in the voice of your 90-year old self (or whatever age you can imagine yourself, ten or more years from now), compassionately celebrating your life lived fully and completely…no dream left on the table. I’m doing it too and will share mine next week. I’d LOVE to see yours. And to give you an extra nudge, my LOVE gift to you is a free coaching call for the first five women who send me your self-love letter for coaching on how to make those dreams come true. Now that’s better than chocolates and chocolate is my jam!

P.S. Just made one of my dreams come true! I’m collaborating with two BadAss women I adore and respect (Tonya Hill Allen and Gwendolyn Madison Hall) on helping people end career misery (men included on this one!). Our new company is Career Triage HQ and official registration for our masterclass on February 19th is open! You may be out of the corporate rat race, but you probably know someone who’s not and who’s suffering in frustration. Point them to the Career Triage Masterclass, right here. It’s online and spots are limited.

Been Around The World and I, I, I,…

Mom used to say, “Girl, you always take the hard road!” And as we say in the south, She ain’t nevva lied! LOL!! I used to see this as a negative. Now, I see it as not giving up on myself. That has been especially true on this entrepreneurial journey. It’s absolutely been an up/down/sideways path. Many times I thought I had it figured out. Many more times I’ve wanted to give up. And God always sends a sign: keep going. And I do:

Surrender (to God’s plan).

Trust my nudges.

Detach from specific outcome.

I finally get it, mom! And for those of you still searching for your next chapter IT, don’t give up. Purposeful intention and action will lead you to IT. Last week I proposed we stop ‘killing time’. This week I’m proposing we do kill our darlings IF they’re keeping us from our bigger YES. The darling I killed? My podcast. I loved it! So many of you told me you did too (thank you!!), but…

‘Killing your darlings’ is an old piece of advice sometimes given to aspiring writers. You have to get rid of your most precious and especially self-indulgent passages for the greater good of your literary work. “

…it was a ‘darling’ holding me back from my bigger Yes: high impact coaching in a way that gives me more bucket list time and freedom. I do believe it’s a crime to sit on your gift AND I don’t want it to suffocate me either. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Don’t be afraid release some darlings and go for it. This is our Braver Bolder Better year!! Embrace the journey. Yes, it can be hard… and hard to get to best is The Best!

#MidlifeWomanRedefined #BraverBolderBetter #LTSG!

P.S. My bigger Yes (in partnership with phenoms, Tonya Allen and Gwen Hall) launches later this week!! Career Triage is an online masterclass that helps mid-career professionals rehab a career on life support. Even if you’re in rewirement, you probably know someone who could benefit. Do share! See details here. Oh, and the great thing about podcasts? They may end, but they don’t go away. Check out the 29 episodes of Midlife Woman Redefined here.

P.P.S. I’m obsessed with BraverBolderBetter women who never give up on living their best lives! This week, I’m featuring 70 yr old, Bold and Powerful, Dorothy Harris. Read about her amazingness, here.

P.P.P.S. Who caught the title source? Take a few minutes for a throwback dance break, here.