The Tracks of My Discomfort

Hello Beautiful!

When’s the last time you made yourself uncomfortable…on purpose? For many years, my mission was to keep myself as comfortable and pain-free as possible. I even had a motto:

I’m not here for a long time, I’m just here for a good time!

Until I hit my mid-forties.

As detailed in previous blogs, that’s when menopause, stroke, divorce, grief, and job transition came to redefine who I am. Or more accurately, show me what I’m really made of and who I’m meant to be. Not Ms. Good Time Gladys, but a woman who finds a way to enjoy life through it’s full possibility of promise and pain. I do this through:

Compass (following God’s guidance, making intuitive decisions, heeding my first right mind)

Connection (to my Community of family, friends, clients)

Commitment (to living FREELY in Who I AM and helping as many women as possible to do the same)

Creativity (in flowing in my zone of genius: teaching midlife women how to drop their mindset blocks, prioritize their goals, and reach them)

Consistency (in how I show up for my community)

Capacity (staying laser-focused on what’s important and prioritizing self-care)

Celebration (Always!!..cuz Life is tough AND BEAUTIFUL!)

I’ve also learned to embrace DisComfort and what pain comes to teach us.

Mr. Washington and I enjoyed a fun and interesting train excursion from Birmingham, AL to New York, NY…30 hours going and 23 hours back. (Yep!) We’d talked about it for years and I always talked myself out of it because I was afraid it wouldn’t be worth the possible discomfort. There was some discomfort (which I detailed in my private Facebook group, the Midlife Manifest), but there was also lots of uninterrupted conversation time with hubby, great landscape views, and time to catch up on a stack of newspapers I’ve been saving back to February (yes, I’m THAT kind paper/magazine junkie!).

We’re planning our next train trip and I’m thinking of other things I’ve delayed doing out of fear of discomfort, possible embarrassment, etc. I may not know exactly what to expect, but as with the trip, once I DO IT, then I’ll know and adjust and adapt as needed.

“Wouldn’t take nothin’ for my journey.” ~ Maya Angelou

I’m taking it to a new level. What about you?


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Be A Broken Record

Hello Beautiful!

It’s been a minute and I’ve got stuff to say. Indulge me.

“We teach best what we most need to learn.” ~ Richard Bach

Yes, I do. DUH!

What did I need to learn? Or more accurately, know and believe (because we learn the lesson, right? We just don’t always believe it!).

What I know for sure:

1. The best path to getting what we want will always be through following our spiritual gps/first right mind/inner compass/intuition/body compass. Staying only in our heads allows fear to fuel decisions instead of faith.

2. I’m wayyyy past fitting into someone else’s box and at this stage of life, I’m guessing you are too. That’s about not fully owning and believing in who we are. (See my ‘broken record’ definition for why continuing to do this can result in crash and burn.)

3. What’s been in the way: the fears, confusion, self-sabotage, procrastination, self-judgement, limiting beliefs, etc…becomes The Way.  That thing that won’t let you go?? It’s your path to happy. Address your mess and get FREE!

4. We are not islands and our sh#t is not unique. But it is sur-THRIVE-able…especially with the guidance of a great life coach 😉 and A-team accountability.

5. My BIG Walk-in-Purpose mission is to coach as many women as possible to light the match in their mid-life years that puts you on the path to prioritizing what you want for your life. To show you how to answer that What about me? question that keeps pinching you after years of keeping everyone else’s priorities at the top of your list. To show you how to draw boundaries that honor who YOU are and still maintain the ties that bind to those you love. To teach you how to enJOY life doing what feeds the essence of who you really are (not who you’ve been told you should be!) whether it’s through service, savoring memorable experiences, or embracing solitude. I’ve done this with numerous women and I’d love to do it with you!

The world needs our shine! Anything we’re allowing to block that shine needs to go…Now. Broken record has a double meaning for me. To my eternal shame and embarrassment, recently, I couldn’t complete a work commitment and broke my dependability record. There were several factors that contributed to that happening, but the bottom line was that I said Yes when I should have said No. I stayed too long and ignored the signals that it was time for a chapter to close. What do YOU need to release yourself  from? The other meaning is that I am now crystal clear on my One Thing: Coaching mid-life women to live their personal brand of freedom and I will be messaging that in all of my spaces.

If that doesn’t work for you, unsubscribe, go forth and be well.

If it does, stick with me because I’m pumping up the volume and if you’re serious about making that change you’ve been craving, you will learn exactly how to make it happen. And invite other ‘Yes! I’m about that!’ women to join us on this journey.

Finally, My business is my purpose and my purpose is business. Businesses market and sell. I coach at all levels:

Free: this blog, my Facebook group (The Midlife Manifest),etc…

Dip your toe in: online masterclasses, vision board events, dancing events, book clubs, etc…

ALL IN!: My signature 6-month sistermind (formerly mastermind), Let That Sh#t Go! for midlife women who are ALL IN on finding and living their purpose.

So yes, there will be promoting and selling that serves women who want to make life change that lasts.


What’s your non-negotiable broken record message for your life? I’m ready to help you lock it down!



Where Your Expectation Goes…(The Replay)

Hello Beautiful!

I’m on a self-imposed break and will be back next week sharing why. In the meantime, here’s a re-share of an earlier popular post…Enjoy!

“Well if you don’t know why, maybe I made the wrong decision.”

Those words were spoken to me early in my corporate career. I received a promotion and the department manager who promoted me asked me if I knew why he promoted me. I said, “Not really.”


I was rolling in false humility because I knew exactly why he selected me. I was a great employee and perfect for the role. But I didn’t know how to own that self-awareness then. I wanted great things to happen to and for me, but tamped down my expectations because what if something didn’t work out?

So what if it doesn’t??

“Where your expectation goes, your life will follow.” ~ Tamara Joy Scott

Doing mindset work with my clients and myself has shown me how much we trip over our own crap and live a less-than-what’s-possible life. And a lot of that connects to being afraid to believe we can have what we want and feeling safe in expecting less. Well, I’m done with that s%#t and hope you join me.

I’m expecting the best to happen to me AND I’m fine with feeling disappointment when it doesn’t. Trying to avoid pain when what’s on the other side of it is wonderful keeps me from the full experience of a life well-lived.


I expect to enjoy my days full tilt.

I expect to live a grand romance with Mr. Washington

I expect my programs to fill up with fabulous women.

I expect to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I expect to meet Michelle and Barack Obama one day.

I love planning to expectation and intuitively following a nudging that ends up superceding expectation.

Where your expectation goes, your life will follow.

Enjoying the hell out of my journey… and I literally mean Enjoying. The. Hell. OUT. Of. My. Journey.

What are you expecting??