The Sunday Rundown

Recently, I was at a doctor’s visit with an older family member who’s dealing with end-stage cancer. The doctor gently led us through the ‘we’ve run out of treatment options ‘ conversation and the decision was made for them to be placed under hospice care. My family member is still mobile and functional and after the doctor explained that remaining treatment options had only a small chance of helping and a high probability of bad side effects, he asked, “What quality of life do you want?” It immediately struck me that this question is associated mainly with the end of life.

What if we ask ourselves that question right now instead of waiting for an end of life decision?

“What kind of quality of life do I want?”

What would we do differently?

I’ve been processing those questions for myself since that visit. And I’m paying to attention to what’s bubbling up: Be more present. Stop settling. Unnecessarily delaying.

Whatever we are dealing with, we get to choose our response. Whatever we want, we can go after it and trust that we’ll land where we’re supposed to be. Don’t settle. Longevity is arbitrary.

Choose Your ‘Quality of Life’. Now.

There’s a Coach for that and I’ve got options:

Let That S#%t Go!, the 5-week teleclass that helps women determine What you truly want, Why you don’t have it, and How to get it. See details here and get on a strategy call with me to decide your Best Next Step,

The Desire Map Sessions end Thursday with Goal Setting plus Vision Boarding and it’s not too late to join us.

Here’s the Goal Setting session link, Thursday 6:30pm – 8:30pm CST,

If you missed…

Session One, here’s the link,

Session Two link,

The Check-in link,

Love travel? Personal growth?  Mark your calendars for June 1-3, for the retreat that combines both! Full details coming Wednesday.



Desire Map Question Hour

Hello Beautiful!

Are you ready for spring? I’m soooo deep in my winter cave…only exiting on a need-to-leave basis. This is when I truly appreciate being able to work from anywhere, with home being at the top of the preferred list right about now! LOL

Desire Mappers:

– Tonight we nail down your Core Desired Feelings. Join the Zoom call at 6:30 CST,

– Next Thursday is the FINAL Desire Map session during which we’ll use our CDF’s to create Goals that align with who we are, not who we think we have to be.

(If you aren’t Desire Mapping, you’ll be happy to know that I’ll be back to my twice weekly schedule of dropping in your inbox after next Thursday.) 😊

For All: I’m pouring my heart and soul into two upcoming coaching opportunities (one will be my signature work) and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to share the details.

Stay warm! ♥️♥️

Desire Map Check-in Plus…

Hello Beautiful!

Hope everyone’s week is going well. I’m…

  • sharing the NEW RETREAT DATES (YAY!!!): June 1-3…same location at the gorgeous Kimpton Hotel Zamora in St. Petersburg, FL (pic above). Details coming.
  • Loving Life!

Happy Desire Mapping!

Desire Map Question Hour Recap

Hello Beautiful!

We had an engaged group of women attending the first question hour. (GRATEFUL!) As I said on the call, I’m on this desire mapping journey with you and I loved the circle of wisdom and encouragement we all experienced!

Here’s the link to the Question Hour Nuggets and a few exercises to help you nail down your CDF’s,

VISIONING! I love vision boards and some of you have attended my vision board workshops. In Thursday’s Question Hour, I’m going to share how you create a vision board for your Core Desired Feelings.

I love this exchange between spiritual teach Eckhart Tolle and Ms. O, because it speaks to what I believe: Most of us DO know what we want. We don’t believe we can have it or we don’t believe we’re worthy of having it.

Yes. We. Can.

Yes. We. Are.

Leaving you with another quote from one of our Desire Mappers,

“Rene this is awesome, learning so much already . Namely, get out of my feelings and do the work .” ~ Anita Renee



The Desire Map Question Hour!

It’s Question Hour Day!!

My ‘How Do You Want To Feel’ was sorely tested today (and really the past few weeks) with more tech issues that shut my site down, preventing me from sending this reminder until now.

It’s actually a great segue into this evening’s call. Someone had already asked me how Desire Mapping works when you feel under attack. Be sure to join the call to hear my response and ask YOUR questions.

Hope to see (or hear) you there!

Here’s the Question Hour link, 6:30pm – 7:30pm CST,

If you missed…

Session One, here’s the link,

Session Two link,

The Check-in link,

Join us in the Facebook group if that’s your jam, or email me, [email protected]


The Desire Map Virtual Workshop – Session Three

Happy Hump Day, Desire Mappers!

I’m sending a zoom audio (5 minutes) with today’s highlights to familiarize you with zoom, if you haven’t used it before. I did video only because I looked a hot mess at the time I recorded it. LOL!

Today’s Highlights (from The Magnetics of Feelings chapter)

Desire Mapping brings the Woo, but there’s also a discipline component. We want Joyful Discipline. I’ve been having mega issues with my internet service and as frustrating as that’s been, I’m (mostly!) able to laugh about it because I’m passionate about my business.

“The surest sign that you’re working with the life-affirming kind of discipline, rather than the spirit-depressing kind, is that you don’t complain very much about doing what it takes.”

We are not our feelings. We can’t always choose WHAT happens to us, but we can choose how we feel about it. “Peace or worry. Gratitude or anger. It’s your choice.”

“Stay anchored to the desired feeling, and open to the form in which it manifests.” I had a client who after many years of waiting for Mr. Right, hesitated when he arrived because he didn’t look like what she expected and because he expressed his feelings for her quicker than the ‘should’ in her head. She quickly circled around to his being the partner she desired and they are having a blast together. Don’t let the package distract you from how you’re feeling.

Finally, I’m sharing my validating ‘how I want to feel’ moment: this lovely email from Nikki B.

“I’m loving the videos and the lessons. I’ve completed my first exercise. At first I was hesitant about starting, but then I realized that I was giving myself another excuse to be afraid. Every year I hear people make affirmations about the new year, but I’ve never done it. However, for some reason 2018 is resonating with me as being my year to “Glow Up” and I’m super excited.

So thank you for doing this series. I’m not on Facebook, but Your emails and YouTube videos are very helpful. Thank you Cheryl! If you only help one person, know that you are helping me…”

Yes! Nikki’s right. It’s Time to “Glow Up”!

Here’s the Question Hour link for Thursday 6:30pm – 7:30pm CST,

If you missed…

Session One, here’s the link,

Session Two link,

The Check-in link,

Join us in the Facebook group if that’s your jam, or email me, [email protected]

Happy Desire Mapping!




Desire Map Session Two

Happy Tuesday, Desire Mappers! Hope it’s warm and cozy wherever you are!

Todays questions:

What lights you up?

What scares you?

In the book, The Crossroads of Should and Must (HIGHLY recommended!), the author says that before we can be free, we have to understand what keeps us from being free. That … “prison doesn’t have to be a physical place; it can be anything your mind creates… And just as you create your prison, you can set yourself free.”


How Do You Want To Feel?

The LIVE Question Hour is Thursday at 6:30pm CST. Join through this zoom link that gives you the choice to been seen and heard OR only heard,

In the meantime, join us in the Facebook group,

Happy Desire Mapping!

The Desire Map Virtual Workshop Check-in

Hello Beautiful!

Quick (1 minute) video check-in on how you’re doing,

Pay Attention.

Pay attention to what lights you up.

Pay attention to what energizes you.

Pay attention to what drains or weighs you down.

It’s ALL information pointing you towards your Core Desired Feelings.

Here’s a sheet of feeling word squares that you can print out to feel what resonates. You can also write your own words on the back. Carry them with you to help with paying attention.

Join me in the Facebook group if that’s your jam, or email me, [email protected] 

If you missed Session One, here’s the link,

Happy Desire Mapping!


The Desire Map Virtual Workshop – Session 1 (1/14/18)

Hello Beautiful!

As promised, here’s your first video to get you started,  (10 minutes).

Annnndddd….There’s a facebook page where I’ll be posting daily to provide more support. Join here,

Want the written backup? Read below. Treat yourself by setting aside 30 minutes to an hour to answer these questions in a beautiful journal while sitting in your favorite chair.

Start Where You Are:

  • Check in with your thoughts about goal setting and allow yourself to remain open to the process.
  • What are your top desires? Most people want more time or more money. What’s the feeling behind your desires? Do you really need more… or better management of what you have? (There’s no right or wrong.)
  • What’s stopping you from getting what you want?
  • Have you ever strived for something and didn’t feel very fulfilled when you got it?

Warm-Up Exercise: Three Sentences

  • My favorite feelings are…?
  • I’m worried about…?
  • I’m proud of…?

Self Compassion Exercise

  • How do others help me?
  • How do I help others? How do I feel when I help others?
  • What do I know to be true about me, about what I’m capable of?

Most of us are compassionate beings. Do you extend the compassion you show for others to yourself? As they instruct on flights, “Put on your own oxygen mask first.” If you can’t breathe, you can’t help anyone else breathe!

As you begin to determine your Core Desired Feelings, this list of feeling words may be helpful,

Read the Declaration of Deserving below, out loud. Substitute ‘I’ for ‘you’.

By Danielle LaPorte
 You are worthy of your desires. Really wanting what you want gives you the
power to get it. You were born free. (The more you try to earn your freedom,
the more trapped you become.) You are worthy of love and respect. Lovable.
You deserve:
eye contact,
smiles in the morning,
food made with pure intention,
clean drinking water,
fresh air,
Hello, Please, Thank you,
time to think about it,
a chance to show them what you’re made of,
a second chance,
an education,
health care, including dental,
multiple orgasms,
weekends off,
eight hours of sleep,
play before work,
to change your mind,
to say no,
to say yes,
to have your deepest needs met,
to be seen,
to be loved for who you really are.
You deserve all of this — and more — just because you showed up to life.
P.S. Here’s the zoom link for Thursday’s Question Hour, I’ll send a reminder Wednesday with detailed instructions.
 P.P.S. Trying the musical link again! Happy Feelings by Maze,

How Do You Want To Feel? It’s Your Time!

“Discover by following your desire, even if that desire is faint or seems as likely as a chocolate factory, or maybe the Easter Bunny himself, in the middle of the desert. It’s real. It’s there for a reason. Use desire as a compass, and do not concern yourself with how it could ever happen. If you really want to grow and experience all that life can offer you, let go of calculation. This is a path of revelation. It’s the journey of becoming who you did not know you could become.” ~ Life Coach Tama Kieves

Hello Beautiful!

It’s Desire Mapping Time! The Question of the Month is “How Do I Want To Feel?”  We’re often taught to dismiss feelings because they’re temporal…flighty…not to be trusted. That can be true. What’s also true is that we are ALWAYS Feeling. And we can FEEL a certain kind of way based on what we DO.

Desire Mapping connects you to the Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s) you want to experience most of the time and shows you how to start from there to determine what Actions you need to take to generate those feelings. It’s about intentionally generating feeling states.

This photo of me is a fave. It’s a selfie I took during my retreat last year. Beautiful location (St. Petersburg, FL) with a fab group of women who were loving their retreat experience. I was IN MY FLOW, could see it in my face, and snapped the evidence as a reminder. THIS is how I want to feel in my business! And that directs what I DO in and for my business.

Tomorrow, you’ll get the first video message from me with an assignment. If you’ve downloaded the book and audio and gotten started, YAY! If you haven’t, YAY! This is meant to be a very fluid process on your terms and timeline…not a burden.

The Details:

What: Virtual Desire Mapping

When: January 13th – February 1st

1/18… Desire Map Question Hour 6:30pm – 7:30pm CST (me answering your questions about the process and providing on the spot coaching.)

1/25… Desire Map Question Hour 6:30pm – 7:30pm CST

2/1… Desire Map Goal Mapping 6:30pm – 8:30 pm CST (join this session to learn how to use your CDF’s to create your goals for the year)

How: I will send exercise sheets and short videos that walk you through Desire Mapping each week. You’ll complete the exercises on your own and join the weekly Desire Map Question Hour if you need assistance. The final call on February 1st will be a 2-hour session on setting goals based on your Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s).

How To Participate:

* Download (it’s still FREE!) or purchase The Desire Map Guide…go at your own pace.
* Mark your calendars for the Question Hours and the Goal Mapping Session.
* Set your INTENTION to carve out the time and focus to show up for yourself in this process.
* Join the calls to get assistance.
* You’ll get zoom recordings of the Question Hours and Goal Mapping Session to stay in the loop.

Can’t join the calls? Email your questions prior to the meeting date, I’ll answer them during the call, and you’ll get the recording, [email protected].

Free guide/audio download

Purchase guide

Here’s the iTunes link to my audio download,

Finally, here’s some musical inspiration to get you going,