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“All I Want For 2018 Is…”

We’re Interrupting Your Holiday Season for this VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!

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OK…Back to your happy holidays. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Enjoy! Stay safe!

A Look Back

Hello Beautiful!

A few weeks ago, I was in a bit of a funk. As previously mentioned, I co-facilitated a successful live version of Your Next Move, my program on getting work you love. It was a pretty amazing experience watching eight women (who didn’t know each other) bond through the vulnerability of moving from being afraid to believing in new possibilities and crafting plans to get them. They formed their own Facebook group and are doing meetups to keep each encouraged and on track.

Why was I in a funk after that? Because I went from “Now” to, “Okay, What’s Next?” And because I was tired. I put ‘Next’ on pause, took a nap, and allowed myself to bask in MUCH gratitude and a little ‘pat myself on the back’. Not for what happened in the class, but for the fact that the class happened. For saying “Yes” to opportunity without knowing outcome.

I came across a magazine article interview of mine from six years ago, http://b-metro.com/b-yourself-cheryl-myers/1640/. If you take a few minutes to read it, you’ll see that several things have changed: my age (58), my work status (from corporate to business owner), my first name (using my middle name), my last name (got married), my mom (experienced the shock of her unexpected death) and I’m no longer “hoping” to be freed from a daily schedule.

I Am Free.

But, I was always free. That’s the tricky thing…the minds#%t. We tell ourselves we can’t do XYZ or we have to do ABC,  when the only thing we must do is die. The. Only. Thing. Everything else is a choice. You may not like some of your choices or you may feel compelled to do ‘what’s right’ in other instances, but…

They. Are. Still. Choices.

I coach my clients (and myself) on this truth: Time is passing whether we act or not. Why not let it pass with your making PROactive choices instead of REactive choices or the choice to remain stuck.

It was good re-reading the interview and reflecting on all of ‘my next moves’. Moves that I had no idea in April 2011 would bring me to where I am today. I learned to trust the journey more than I focus on the destination. I’m still loving life and Mr. Washington. Being in the business of helping more and more women choose their version of happy is the cherry on top!

What I Let Go? Bye Bye funk. Rest and Reflect. Hello NEXT!

P.S. Health Coach Renee Reid is a woman who chose to get unstuck. She was partly inspired by the 12 Days of Thanksgiving to get moving on her dreams. Check out her new podcast, Welcome To Your Life, available on Itunes! Its goood! Plus her name is Renee. Just sayin’. 😊

A Mission of Necessity

Recently, I was blessed to bask in the wisdom of a gorgeous living legend, Mrs. Beatrice M. Price. This Phenomenal Woman is a World War II veteran who served as a nurse to the Tuskegee Airmen and counts General Patton as one of her patients. In 2012, she was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for her service.

Mrs. Price pictured with her surrogate daughter (and one of my BEST friends), Karen Beverly

During our visit, she talked about her life and coming to terms with the limitations that come with age. What particularly struck me was that she referred to both her career and personal life of service as her ‘mission of necessity’.

Woo Sa! That deeply resonated with me because it’s how I feel about being the best wife/daughter/sister/friend. It’s also how I feel about coaching!

What’s Your Mission of Necessity?

I was in the D.C. area, co-facilitating Your Next Move, the program I created to help women get work they love. LOTS of learning, mindset block dissolving, dreaming and planning going on in workship. We asked the question, “What have you been wanting to do, but haven’t done yet?” My response: “Learn how to bake bread.” On the second day, one of the participants brought me three books about the topic. Now, baking bread has moved from my ‘want to do’ to my ‘will do’. Sometimes, all we need is a nudge.

November 30th, five years ago, I left my company with no ‘next move’ planned. That was truly a leap of faith and one of my greatest of all times moves! I jumped, and the net appeared.

What have YOU been wanting to do, but haven’t done yet?

I’ve got more questions and I can help you find your answers.

P.S. It’s easy to get off track with self-care during the hustle & bustle of the holidays. Click here for some inspiration to stick with it.