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Incident to Action


“Screenwriters talk about an “inciting incident,” an event that radically upsets the balance of forces in the protagonist’s life. It is an event that provokes a desire in the protagonist that he must satisfy, or forces the character to take action in pursuit of a goal. Sometimes an inciting incident can be negative, like a job loss or a serious illness, but other times it can be positive, like winning the lottery or getting a promotion. Without an inciting incident, the character will not change, move forward, or take action in pursuit of a goal, because there is nothing to provoke them.” from a YouVersion devotion

What moves you to make major change?

Are you a quick-start who decides and leaps or does it take some serious provoking before you make your move? Great fortune falling in your lap? Or becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Like me you’ve probably experienced some combination of both.  Having a mini-stroke was the deciding factor in my ending my first marriage. My mom’s death pushed me to close the chapter on my corporate career. On a more positive note, friends are dropping opportunities in my lap that are helping my business grow.

We don’t have control over what type of ‘provoking incident’ is coming our way. What we CAN control is learning to listen to and trust our internal compass and staying mentally prepared to process the ‘incidents’ in ways that benefit and don’t derail us.

I have clients who question receiving the very thing they desired or who cling to known misery instead of risking going after what they crave. And I’ve been there too!

But when you know, what you know, what you know, NOT going for what you want is simply a colossal waste of time. Let That S%#t Go! We don’t always have to wait for an inciting incident to make positive change.

What I Let Go:

OPP (other people’s perceptions)

What are you ready to let go?

Kept The Baby. Threw Out The Bathwater.

A year ago on this date, I was on a stage in New York City for I Am Courage. My sister speakers and I created this event after bonding in Santa Fe at Gail Larsen’s appropriately named, Transformational Speaking training.

This pic from the event popped up as today’s Facebook memory and in addition to remembering what an amazing day that was, I’m also reminded of what I tell clients (and myself!) who are dithering about  making a move that scares them:

The time is going to pass anyway. Why not let it pass with your having Done The Thing??

But what if it fails? Then now you know what you DON’T want. It’s all information.

And what if it doesn’t?

If it wasn’t for FB memories, I wouldn’t have noted this anniversary of my ‘taking the stage’. So much has happened since then that it feels more distant than a year. One of my SisterFriends happened to mention I Am Courage the other day, commenting on how I’m much more comfortable and engaging on my recent Lucy and Ethel FB Lives (check us out Fridays at 12:30!) than I was then.

She’s right. I am. Because I kept showing up for myself. I kept tweaking the recipe and now I’m cooking with gas, having a blast and up-leveling my business.

Are you ready to ‘take the stage’ for your life? Make the tweaks to the secret sauce that is your special brand of brilliance and Live the Life You’ve Been Craving?

The women in my Your Next Move teleclass have done this! Every one of them has clarity on how they want to live and an action plan to get there. The biggest move they made? Learning to Let Their S%#t Go! and Choosing to believe they can have what they want.

Mindset Detox + Action = Dream Life

It’s true for me too. Just as our bodies must purge crap, so must our minds. Continuously.

Perfectionism. Lizard brain thinking. Self-sabotage. Other Peoples Perceptions. Compare & Despair, Fear, and more.

My mission is to help as many women as possible become as ‘regular’ in letting their mental s%#t go as we should be in our biological ‘letting go’ process.

Are you with me?? Contact me to set up a free consult to learn more about the mindset work I do.

P.S. I waited months to view the I Am Courage video of my talk because even though it was received well, I ‘knew’ I could have done better and was afraid to release it to a larger audience. Once I did, a woman saw it and it inspired her so much she hired me as her coach AND referred me to other women, one of whom also became a client. We’ve got to get over ourselves, women and Run. This. World. It needs us rolling in our full magnificence. It’s a Shame for us not to!

P.P.S. Here’s some musical inspiration from Jill Scott, https://youtu.be/361P_nyxoPw







Let That S%#t Go! The Remix

Have you ever run from yourself and ended back with yourself??

“Been around the world and I, I, I
I can’t find my baby
I don’t know when, I don’t know why
Why [she’s] gone away
And I don’t know where [she] can be, my baby
But I’m gonna find [her].”
~ All Around The World by Lisa Stansfield

Yep, I’ve literally been ALL around the world and my ‘business baby’ is FINALLY found! DUH! It’s been in my face for months. L.T.S.G. has resonated more than anything else I’ve done but I was afraid to run with it. Afraid it was too edgy and potentially offensive. What it actually is?

My truth. Your truth. Owning it.

WHO Am I? cReneCoach…the Let That S%#t Go! Queen

WHAT Do I Do? I help highly motivated women get out of their own way and live the life they crave through deep, action-oriented mindset work.

WHERE? I do this through group teleclasses, small group Queendoms (I don’t particularly like the term ‘mastermind’), fun events, and Woo Sa retreats.

WHEN? Nowwwwwww!!

I’ve reworked my entire business plan to focus solely on doing mindset coaching that will propel women into their dream lives. And doing that is a big part of MY dream life.

Stay tuned for the opportunity to join the L.T.S.G. teleclass that starts in January. For those who want to go deeper, there will be a smaller group opportunity post-teleclass (March) to continue the work (The Queendom). There will also be a retreat (hang on retreaters, it’s coming!) and other cool events throughout the year.

If you’re ready to ‘find your baby’, WhatEVER that is for you…re-setting your mindset for personal success is THE FOUNDATION for true sustainable change. You must go IN before you can manifest OUTside yourself.

Attached is my business manifesto (you’ll create a personal manifesto in the teleclass),  cReneCoach Manifestohttps://crenecoach.com/crenecoach-manifesto/

If we are aligned, Let’s Work Together.

P.S. My bestie, Sharon Sherrod (aka Lucy) and I are doing a podcast!! We’re starting with FB Lives and the first one is Friday 10/13 at 12:30 CST. Be there or catch the replay. It’s gonna be a blast!

P.P.S. Here’s the link to Around The World. Get your dance on! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PXifLDoL1OA

cReneCoach Manifesto

cReneCoach Manifesto

I’m c.René Washington, the CEO Diva of cReneCoach. I created Let That S%#t Go because after 20+ years of coaching men and women during my corporate career and now focusing on women in my life coaching business, AND dealing with my own crap, I know this to be true: the ONE THING that keeps people from living the life we dream about…from walking in our purpose… is that we don’t,

Let That S%#t Go!!

And what is That S%#t??
– limiting beliefs and paradigms that no longer serve us
– upper limit issues that lead to self-sabotaging behavior we fall into and diminishes or blocks our success
– False Evidence Appearing Real aka FEAR that keeps us cowering behind our brilliance
– the ‘comparing and despairing’ we do, convincing ourselves that we’re not enough OR not as good as _______
– allowing what THEY think to control what WE think and do
– mental clutter
– feeding our bodies junk and barely moving them
– engaging in self-criticism and judging others


I provide real-time support and encouragement to help you clear out mindset blocks and explore resources that help you drop your junk.

I will lovingly call B.S. when I see you falling into the above traps.

I will encourage you to stay focused on what you CAN do and nudge you to DO IT!!

I will provide safe spaces to share our stories and move past them to create new stories and paths to the lives we crave.

“There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper.” ~ Betsy ten Boom

I too must continuously Let S%#t Go! My faith is grounded in the knowledge that I am A Child of The Most High God…Exceedingly and Abundantly Blessed. But I’m not immune from letting s%#t drag me down. I’ve…

gone through divorce, illness, career burnout,
suffered intense grief,
done things I shouldn’t have done,
gone places I shouldn’t gone,
said things I shouldn’t have said…

No, I’m NOT perfect but I walk in the Divine Perfection of The Grace and Mercy of Multiple Chances to Get It Right! And I’ve learned to Extend The Grace I Want to Receive.

The world is in dire need of women operating at the height of our power!! We’ve got children to raise, men to love, families and charities to support, money to earn, companies to run, governments to lead, and other women to encourage. And we want to do this from a space of Joyfulness of Purpose, while honoring our faith, honoring ourselves, and having some fun!! Are you with me?? Will you Let Your S%#t Go and Live Free? Ok, Let’s Rock and Roll!!

The Leap to Simple (and Better!)

“You always have to do things the hard way.” ~ Barbara Ann (my mom)

My mom would tell me this whenever I ended up on one of those crooked paths I seem to frequently veer towards:

  • the krazy job before I found the good job
  • the college degree I took years to go back and finish
  • the marriage that couldn’t quite go the distance until I found the one that will

Those are just a few of the bigger examples. Have mercy!

I could hear her much missed voice this week as I worked through tech issue hell trying to figure out a problem I was having getting a class replay to my Your Next Move participants (3 days to figure it out!). I’ve known for awhile that it’s TIME TO TAKE THE TIME to get the right help.

And this is what we do, right? We know The Thing To Do yet we do everything else but. I talk my clients off this ledge all the time. I’m rereading The Big Leap, Gay Hendrick’s book on ending self-sabotage and up-leveling your life. Our resistance to a desired opportunity to up-level means we have an upper limit issue: a fear of life going too well. We may think we don’t deserve it or we can’t maintain it, but whatever the reason, it’s rooted in fear. Upper limit issues hit people considered to be highly successful too. It’s an equal opportunity derailer. If this sounds even vaguely familiar, I highly recommend this book to discover and end your upper limit behaviors (“worry, blame & criticism, getting sick or hurt, squabbling, hiding significant feelings, not keeping agreements, not speaking significant truths to relevant people, and deflecting”).

My big one: not consistently keeping agreements with myself. In my previous blog, I talked about tolerations (shout-out to the women who sent me theirs and are zapping them!). I’m doing well crossing off my target irritations and I’m channeling mom’s advice to zap The Unnecessary Hard.

I don’t have to always do it the hard way. Let’s Keep It Simple Sisters! Woo Sa!!

P.S. I don’t coach from on high. I coach from life in those same trenches you’re navigating except I use tools and resources that help shorten the curve. Contact me to schedule a consult and lets talk about up-leveling your life!

P.P.S. This weekend I’m presenting at the Be Golden women’s conference in Bloomington, IN. They wanted edgy, so I’m doing Let That S%*t Go! as a workshop plus I’ve been asked to fill in on a discussion panel because keynote speaker Awesomely Luvvie’s (Blog phenom and I’m Not Judging You author) schedule no longer allows her to stay for it. Excited about meeting her. Please send up good thoughts for me!