Who Said??!!

I can’t get her out of mind! The Fierce Phenom who is Täo Porchon-Lynch was featured on NBC Nightly News and her story was a huge shot to my psyche. Part of my personal mission is to live FREE from whatever doesn’t serve my purpose on this planet and to help as many women as possible do the same.

FREE from shoulds.

FREE from oughts.

FREE from ‘They Say’.

And live FREE in Love, Grace,Joy, Contribution, and New Possibilities.

Täo Porchon-Lynch is in her 98th year. She became enthralled with yoga at eight years old and is STILL TEACHING several classes a week AND does ballroom dancing! ABC News tagged her as the ‘real-life Forrest Gump’ because she’s been present at so many historical events, including marching with Mahatma Gandhi and participating in demonstrations with General Charles de Gaulle and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

See the link below* for the full clip on her incredibly impressive life. What I love most about her amazing story, though, is that she doesn’t drink water…only wine and tea!! I’m still in a paradigm busting mood and what’s more paradigm-busting than living almost 100 years drinking wine instead of water?? And you’re a Kick-A Yogi too??!! Oh! Did I mention she only wears high heels??

Click! Click! What a powerful example of discerning what works for YOU and Living It!!

She’s in my LTSG** BARE DIVA Hall of Fame. Ms. Täo is clearly her own muse.

What’s YOUR ‘wine and heels’? Your against-the-grain-but-works-for-me habit or life move? It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Ms. Täo’s, but is there something you do (or want to do) that ‘They Say’ isn’t appropriate because of your age, your gender, your religion, your whatEVER, but YOU KNOW is part of the oxygen that sustains you?

Traveling alone is on that list for me. I love rollin’ with my hubby, girlfriends, or clients. Women’s retreats are a fundamental part of my business plan. And I also love the accountable-to-no-one’s-agenda freedom of a solo excursion. I’ve been so caught up in building my business that I haven’t done it lately or at the level I’d like. Correcting that and planning that European solo-cation and some in-the-meantime jaunts NOW.

Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration, Ms. Täo!

If you have your ‘thing’, I’d love to hear what it is. Life is too arbitrary not to drink your ‘wine’ or kick up your ‘heels’ while you can!

*98-Year-Old Stays Young With Yoga, Ballroom Dancing

**LTSG is the acronym for Let That S%#T Go!, my coming soon coaching program.



Let That S%#T Go!(LTSG!)

what do you want?

What do you want?

What Do you want?

What Do You want?

What Do You Want?


If you know what you want(and I can help with that, if you don’t), do you have it?

If you don’t have it, why don’t you have it?

While what we want may vary, I submit that the #1 reason for why we don’t have it is that we won’t…………


We hold on to:

~ our Limiting Stories

~ OPP(other people’s perceptions)

~ FEAR(false evidence appearing real)

~ self-sabotaging behavior

ALL the junk that keeps us living small! And note that I don’t mean that we have to live large as in being out there in front of a lot of people. I mean we are minimizing or hiding our gifts OR refusing to claim and own our beauty and power.

Nothing I’m saying is new. Least of all to myself(Have Mercy!) I recently did 7 Habits for Highly Effective People training classes for my old company and it was a great reminder of  the power in replacing old paradigms(more commonly known as ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’) that no longer serve us. It inspired me personally and professionally to drop some mental junk:

~ ‘Don’t see a chiropractor. They’re not real doctors.’ I’ve been dealing with daily body pain for a few years, most acutely in my knees. There was a segment on a local talk show about the success of cold laser treatment for knee pain that sounded wonderful EXCEPT the provider is a chiropractor. When I checked my bias, I realized that it was 1. based on 30 yr. old info(a lot of which came from traditional doctors who had a vested interest in blocking them) and 2. The potential benefits were too good to not try it.  I started this week and will let you know how it goes.

~ ‘I don’t get in public water. People are nasty and being seen in a bathing suit is a NO!’ People ARE nasty, but a friend has been extolling the benefits of water aerobics for joint pain and I’m staying in the ‘nothing ventured/nothing gained’ zone. I will trust the power of chlorine and BARE has gotten me 95% past my body drama. Ain’t nobody got time for THAT! 🙂

That’s just a few of the mental shifts I’m making that are translating to big life shifts. This girl’s gotta move and groove and physical flexibility promotes creativity. cReneCoach is about to Rock and Roll into a whole new level!

What’s ONE SHIFT you’d like to make?

What DO you want?

Why are you stopping yourself from having it?? Let That S%#T GO!!!

Unless it’s a Thelma & Louise ride, you can always course correct. Try it. You just might love it!






The Click Click of True Love and Freedom

“Our inner wisdom is persistent, but quiet. It will always whisper, but it will never stop knocking at your door.” ~ Vironika Tugaleva

I’m a big Wizard of Oz fan because of its message that we don’t have to search for or depend on the false ‘magic’ of the external. We can tap into our own inner power and fly! Click! Click!

“You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.” ~ Glenda Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz

A little over a year ago, I decided to seriously walk the path of entrepreneurship. I knew success would require personal change and my big and persistent Knock Knock has been to change my sleeping habits. Inner wisdom has consistently whispered this and this lifelong night owl has consistently resisted.

I’m wired to be a night owl. My best thinking happens after 10pm. It’s fun t.v. bingeing with my hubby. Isn’t retirement supposed to be about doing what I want to do when I want to do it??

Well, Yes. It. Is. And it was the genius of BARE that helped me FINALLY click into what freedom really means.

BARE is the weight loss method I’m certified to coach and the reason I love it is because it teaches how to LIVE yourself to health NOT die(to)it! By doing what feels like self-love, you transition to behaviors that support optimal health. And joyful living!

My BIG AHA is that I was confusing ‘doing what I love’ with ‘doing what truly feels like self-love’!

One of my favorite scriptures is “Everything is permissible, but not everything is helpful. Everything is permissible, but not everything builds up.” 1 Corinthians 10:23

Yes, I love staying up all night reading or vegging out on the sofa in a Netflix coma and I CAN do those things, but does doing those things on the regular feel like self-love?? Ummm…No. Do they build me up? NADA!

Freedom ain’t free.

I’m clear on what my Best Life looks like:

Coaching fabulous women, spending time with my hubby, friends, and family, traveling the globe, and being flexible enough to do whatever comes up that strikes my fancy. And for me that requires self-care practices that keep me in the healthy/happy space I crave…

5:00am – 5:30… Morning ritual: Express gratitude/devotion w/hubby/morning snack

5:30am – 8:30am… Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk!

8:30am – 9:00am… Breakfast

9:00am – 11:00… Move My Body Classes!

2:30pm – 3:30pm… 20 minute nap(I used to hate naps. Now I can take one anywhere.)

Afternoon walk with hubby

Dinner/tv time w/hubby/reading

10:00pm…Wind Down Ritual

10:30pm…  The #1 self-care habit that supports this life: Taking my behind to bed! My days flow better and I get more done.

Doing what I love in the moment must support doing what loves me for a lifetime. And that’s NOT about deprivation. It’s about knowing the difference between self-sabotage and self-love. It’s about grand, BIG picture living instead of the short term high of the less than optimal decision. I’ve seen former addicts talk about how much they enjoyed their drug of choice…how much fun they had…even how much creativity they experienced. Until it wasn’t. Until they didn’t.

Our poor habits may not have the extreme negative impact of drug addiction. I could argue though, that continuing to do what keeps us from living the life we want when it’s completely within our power to do differently can be an extremely negative choice.

“When you know better, do better.”  ~ Maya Angelou

The BARE 80/20 practice is eating power/pleasure foods 80% of the time and strictly pleasure foods 20% of the time. It works across your life. Every now and again, I’ll enjoy a late night or a chicken and waffles lunch(have mercy!) and I’ll enjoy them even more now that the decision comes from a place of TRUE CHOICE instead of  that ‘I can’t help myself.’ narrative.

That’s what real self-love feels like! My ‘I’m wired to be a night owl’ may have been true, but what’s also true is that it’s simply a story I’m telling myself because my body is telling me a new story: Get yo rest, chile! Click Click

Don’t ignore that persistent knock knock. Listen. Do. You’ve got the power, my dears. Own it!!

P.S. The pic is the late great, Annie Lee’s Blue Monday and was my ‘look’ every morning during the last few years of my previous life. So, why am I recreating it when I don’t have to?? Done! And if this ‘look’ resonates with you, we need to talk!








Three years ago, I launched cReneCoach services and then I piddled. I was kinda/sorta life coaching…helping women do THEIR thing, but not valuing MY thing. Last year, I got serious and as discussed in other posts, I invested a lot of time in crafting the business foundation and focus that works best for me. But It. Ain’t. Over.

The ‘saw’ must continue to be sharpened (I’m doing 7 Habits training for a company and it’s been a great reminder!). This year’s focus is… now that I’ve got my WHAT down, HOW am I going to do it?

Half-assed or full tilt?? And it’s FULL TILT, baby!! Why be in it, otherwise? And that requires help…professional help. No more piecing, parting, and cobbling. This is MY LIFE! So…

I hired a virtual assistant who’s saved me hours of time trying to figure out the techy stuff.

I partnered with a friend AND hired a writing coach to complete the content for an awesome online product coming in June for those who would love a self-study option for getting out of work hell.

I’m scheduled to meet with a bookkeeper to get that part of my business straight.

And, I still work with my coach because complacency and staleness are not options!

Whatever you do…if you have the desire to do it better or differently: INVEST IN YOURSELF to get the help you need! If you can do it for yourself, then do it. But if not…barter, hire, trade, whatever but


You’re Worth It!!

P.S. As a life coach, I help the worried well get to doing what only their mind has been holding them back from doing. Stop Worrying. Get about Your Life! Go to cReneCoach.com and schedule the change you’ve been craving.