It’s Snowing Down South

Hello, Beautiful!

“It’s snowing down south” is a euphemism for telling someone their slip is showing. Slips were a conversation during a recent dinner with girlfriends. We saw a young woman walk by who clearly needed one and I made the comment that the foundations lesson must not be taught anymore.

I’m “old school” about foundations. I wear a camisole daily and still wear slips because of a combination of things Mama taught me and my helping women secure the right foundations when I worked in a lingerie department years ago.

Fast forward 30 years and helping women with their foundations is still my jam. LOL!

If you are ‘slipping’ or you need better support, my upcoming teleclass could be the answer you need.  It’s a 5-week program designed to help you Figure out WHAT you really want, WHY you don’t have it and HOW to get it!


“Life is too short and unpredictable not to live it exactly as you please.” ~ unknown




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Not So Fast

Hello Beautiful!

It’s still chilly here, but I’m in a Spring Forward state of mind. Eager to exit my winter cave, I wore a workout outfit to physical therapy with the plan to walk afterwards. Unfortunately, that plan was cancelled. I’m getting physical therapy for level 8-10 pain due to a torn meniscus  in both knees.

My therapist nixed walking because it’s weight bearing exercise and she wants me to strengthen the knee area before adding that kind of pressure. No walking, yoga, dancing, etc. Other than the strengthening movements she taught me, I can only do cycling.

A life coach being restricted to spinning her wheels. LOL

And as my life-coachy mind does, I immediately connected to a bigger message.

I specialize in mindset work because I’ve learned from my client’s experience (and my own) that desired change may be obtainable, but it’s not sustainable without a strong mindset foundation. What may seem like wheel spinning work  is actually life-propelling.

I often recommend de-cluttering to clients. Purging the no longer loved or useful to open space for new possibility and opportunity. Being gifted a desk by a wonderful SisterFriend, inspired me to do a long overdue deep purge of my office and turn a seldom used room into a space that I don’t want to leave! And that happiness has translated into higher productivity, including my creating the content for an e-book.

An idea I’ve had for months came to fruition when I opened up space for it happen!

“…I create my own reality.” ~ Frida Kahlo

Have you opened the space for what YOU want? Is your foundation aligned with the change you crave?

Helping women identify what they truly want, craft a plan to get it, and cementing their inner foundation to sustain it: This is what I do.

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c.René Washington

What’s Your Street Poison?

(4-minute read)

Hello Beautiful!

I’m not a huge rap fan and pretty much opted out after the early Dougie Fresh era, but I ‘happened’ to catch an NPR interview with U-God from the Wu-Tang Clan.  What resonated with  me was U-God sharing his struggle to transition from the life he was born into and embrace the opportunity for music industry success.  He spoke about how as a child, he and his friends made toys out of garbage: …”the bike had mismatched parts, but it got us from point A to B.”

U-God also shared how he ended up in prison and what happened when he was let out on work release: Wu-Tang Clan brought him in to record a  rap song and TWO DAYS later, he ended up back in prison.  The “street poison” reference is his descriptor for getting sucked into the lure of the drug trade money.   “It’s very hard to make the brain shift from a poverty mentality to a focused mentality. You have to shake off the street stuff…the mentality you were born into.”

I made the correlation that the keep-stuck-stories we tell ourselves are a form of mental street poison. My hearing that interview WAS NOT happenstance. I was in the midst of a major mini-crisis of purpose…questioning my choice to be an entrepreneur.

What I love about mindset work, is that you quickly recognize the potholes and poison your brain throws at you as you get closer to your goals. One day I’m flying high with my webinar launch and the next day, I descend into the abyss of self-doubt.


The antidote for the ‘poison’?

Allowing myself to feel ALL of the feelings, then doing the mindset work to separate fact (successful transitions women have made with my coaching) from fiction (operating a business is too hard). I used my mental garbage to propel me instead of derail me. Special thanks to my girlfriends who were wonderful sounding boards and those who provided me encouragement without knowing they were!

Life is NOT always easy. And as my husband reminded me regarding business or other big goals, “anything without struggles is not worth it.”

Resignation and complacency are ‘easy’…and unfulfilling. The journey to reach dreams and goals is challenging, yet soul-sustaining in a way that only moving in your intended purpose can be.

THIS is the beauty and value in mindset work…in learning to Let That S%#t Go! Mind-crap will bubble up (especially when your brain thinks you’re getting bigger than is ‘safe’) and mindset tools are your go-to arsenal for stepping back from the ledge of giving up!

I’ve been told I’m a soft-sell. And it’s true. Bombarding people isn’t my thing. But I’m telling you this:

If it’s EVER crossed your mind to work with me (and many of you have told me it has), then passing up the opportunity to either join my Let That S%#t Go! teleclass or join me in beautiful St. Petersburg for the Design Your Life Retreat is KRAZINESS! Both will show you how to identify YOUR (mind) street poison, get the recovery antidote and move into the life you want.

Telling yourself you can’t make the investment of time or money to FINALLY make the huge life shift you’ve been wanting or complaining about not having is…

Well we know insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. I’m not calling you insane, but…

Shake That S%#t Off and Commit.

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The Rewind

Hello Beautiful!

Ever have one of those topsy-turvy weeks that leaves you in a puddle? That was this past week for me!

There was much to be grateful for and much to reassess. I’ve been off the grid (social media fast, road trip w/hubby) to reflect and refresh since Thursday and those few days have made a tremendous difference. Highly recommend!

I’m sharing a previous (very popular) post and will be back with a new blog this week.

Are You ‘Too-ing’ Yourself to Living Less?

Take the time to calm your mind.