Ep #19: Braver, Bolder, Better

We’re coming to the end of our series End Like You Want to Begin, and this week is all about the one thing that I know is holding you back.

Fear is a huge part of who we are. Being afraid is in our DNA. We get scared by bad things, but we also become a victim of fear when it comes to things that ultimately could be amazing. So we are here to be braver, bolder, better, and push through fear to experience the brilliance that lies on the other side.


Ep #18: Changing After 50 with Mary Rogers

I am incredibly excited this week to bring you my very first interview here on the podcast. This conversation was incredibly affirming for me and I cannot wait for you to hear what my guest this week has to share with you all.

My guest today is Mary Rogers, host of the Experience 50 Podcast for Midlife. Mary hosts the top-ranked podcast for inspiring midlife men and women as they navigate their 5th decade, figuring out who they are and how they want to show up for this phase of life. Over her 4 years of connecting with listeners, she has become a virtual best-friend and big sister to listeners across the world.



Ep #17: Who Do You Want to Become in the Next 55 Days?

We’re taking a little pause from our End Like You Want to Begin series over here on the podcast because, when this episode airs, there will be 55 days left of 2019 and I know there are some things we all need to work through.

We have 55 days left, and in these 55 days, we have the opportunity to make big steps and shape the rest of our life into exactly what we want it to be.  This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. We have no time to waste, sisters, so what are you waiting for?


Ep #16: Attentive Eating

When it comes to our diets, we can spend years counting calories, recording everything we eat, and where does it get us? More often than not, it gets us absolutely nowhere. We have spent so long categorizing our foods as bad or healthy, and beating ourselves up when we treat ourselves.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way, mavens. I want to share with you the process of attentive eating; how you can give your body the fuel it needs, as well as the pleasure you need, without making the whole thing more complicated than it needs to be.


Ep #15: The Simple Pleasures

We are about halfway through our End Like You Want To Begin series of podcasts and this week we’re taking a look at pleasure. Did you know that how much pleasure you get in a day affects your stress levels, your cravings, and even your creativity?

When we think of making sure we get some pleasure, we often jump to the bigger things, like vacations and big purchases. Well, those things are great, but there are so many simple pleasures you can give yourself every day that will help you redefine who you are and who you want to become.


Ep #14: How to Detox Your Environment

You know by now that living well is the only option, but what does that really look like? Well, everything we do in our daily lives sends us a message. Whether it’s the media you consume, your tasks around the house, or the people you see regularly, if these things are messaging you negatively, you don’t have to put up with it.

As part of my End Like You Want to Begin series, I’m giving you one of the most important things I’ve learned on my journey as a coach. The ability to control your environment and remove the things that give you a toxic perspective is going to change your life.


Ep #13: End Like You Want to Begin

What are your dreams for 2020? If you really sit down and think about it, what do you want to create in your life for the year ahead? And more importantly, how do we make that a reality? Well, hopefully you’ll find the answer for you in today’s episode.

We’re into the last quarter of 2019, and as our focus shifts to what the next year has in store for us, I want to focus your attention onto ending your year strong, giving you the best possible platform for living your best life in 2020. This is the first of a seven-week series that will see you take control of your life and your future.


Ep #12: What Is Weighing You Down?

Last week, I brought you the Should Show. This week, I’m bringing you the Shit Show – specifically how to shed your shit so you can fly. So it’s time to start taking account of what’s weighing you down.

It’s getting to that time of year where we’re thinking about our goals for the next one, so I’d also like to introduce to you a new series that I will be starting next week, which I’m calling End How You Want to Begin – a seven-week journey for you to eliminate what’s holding you back, so you can end 2019 the way you want to start 2020.


Ep #11: Is Your Life a Should Show?

I coach some amazing women in my coaching practice, but they all live under the tyranny of the same one thing: their shoulds – the shit that you are conditioned to think you should be doing. Well, I also lived under the oppressive dictatorship of shoulds and oughts, but not anymore, ladies.

There is so much societal pressure around religion, gender, and just about anything else you care to imagine. I have made decisions based on what I should do earlier in my life. However, when I stepped out of that and discovered my musts in this life, everything changed for the better.


Ep #10: Are You Living Your Dream?

We have reached a mini-milestone on the podcast: the 10th episode of the show. Now, when I started my business, I did not think it would involve a podcast. But since I got started, I haven’t looked back. I’m here living my dream, and it is truly giving me life every single day. However, the path to my dream, that was a little more challenging.

I want to take this opportunity to share with all of you – all of you who maybe don’t know what your dream is yet – how I found my true passion and calling in life. I always wanted to help women. I’ve known that for a long time. But what I have created for myself now is something I could never have predicted.