The Tracks of My Discomfort

Hello Beautiful!

When’s the last time you made yourself uncomfortable…on purpose? For many years, my mission was to keep myself as comfortable and pain-free as possible. I even had a motto:

I’m not here for a long time, I’m just here for a good time!

Until I hit my mid-forties.

As detailed in previous blogs, that’s when menopause, stroke, divorce, grief, and job transition came to redefine who I am. Or more accurately, show me what I’m really made of and who I’m meant to be. Not Ms. Good Time Gladys, but a woman who finds a way to enjoy life through it’s full possibility of promise and pain. I do this through:

Compass (following God’s guidance, making intuitive decisions, heeding my first right mind)

Connection (to my Community of family, friends, clients)

Commitment (to living FREELY in Who I AM and helping as many women as possible to do the same)

Creativity (in flowing in my zone of genius: teaching midlife women how to drop their mindset blocks, prioritize their goals, and reach them)

Consistency (in how I show up for my community)

Capacity (staying laser-focused on what’s important and prioritizing self-care)

Celebration (Always!!..cuz Life is tough AND BEAUTIFUL!)

I’ve also learned to embrace DisComfort and what pain comes to teach us.

Mr. Washington and I enjoyed a fun and interesting train excursion from Birmingham, AL to New York, NY…30 hours going and 23 hours back. (Yep!) We’d talked about it for years and I always talked myself out of it because I was afraid it wouldn’t be worth the possible discomfort. There was some discomfort (which I detailed in my private Facebook group, the Midlife Manifest), but there was also lots of uninterrupted conversation time with hubby, great landscape views, and time to catch up on a stack of newspapers I’ve been saving back to February (yes, I’m THAT kind paper/magazine junkie!).

We’re planning our next train trip and I’m thinking of other things I’ve delayed doing out of fear of discomfort, possible embarrassment, etc. I may not know exactly what to expect, but as with the trip, once I DO IT, then I’ll know and adjust and adapt as needed.

“Wouldn’t take nothin’ for my journey.” ~ Maya Angelou

I’m taking it to a new level. What about you?


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