Been Around The World and I, I, I,…

Mom used to say, “Girl, you always take the hard road!” And as we say in the south, She ain’t nevva lied! LOL!! I used to see this as a negative. Now, I see it as not giving up on myself. That has been especially true on this entrepreneurial journey. It’s absolutely been an up/down/sideways path. Many times I thought I had it figured out. Many more times I’ve wanted to give up. And God always sends a sign: keep going. And I do:

Surrender (to God’s plan).

Trust my nudges.

Detach from specific outcome.

I finally get it, mom! And for those of you still searching for your next chapter IT, don’t give up. Purposeful intention and action will lead you to IT. Last week I proposed we stop ‘killing time’. This week I’m proposing we do kill our darlings IF they’re keeping us from our bigger YES. The darling I killed? My podcast. I loved it! So many of you told me you did too (thank you!!), but…

‘Killing your darlings’ is an old piece of advice sometimes given to aspiring writers. You have to get rid of your most precious and especially self-indulgent passages for the greater good of your literary work. “

…it was a ‘darling’ holding me back from my bigger Yes: high impact coaching in a way that gives me more bucket list time and freedom. I do believe it’s a crime to sit on your gift AND I don’t want it to suffocate me either. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Don’t be afraid release some darlings and go for it. This is our Braver Bolder Better year!! Embrace the journey. Yes, it can be hard… and hard to get to best is The Best!

#MidlifeWomanRedefined #BraverBolderBetter #LTSG!

P.S. My bigger Yes (in partnership with phenoms, Tonya Allen and Gwen Hall) launches later this week!! Career Triage is an online masterclass that helps mid-career professionals rehab a career on life support. Even if you’re in rewirement, you probably know someone who could benefit. Do share! See details here. Oh, and the great thing about podcasts? They may end, but they don’t go away. Check out the 29 episodes of Midlife Woman Redefined here.

P.P.S. I’m obsessed with BraverBolderBetter women who never give up on living their best lives! This week, I’m featuring 70 yr old, Bold and Powerful, Dorothy Harris. Read about her amazingness, here.

P.P.P.S. Who caught the title source? Take a few minutes for a throwback dance break, here.