Adding No Drama to The Trauma

“There’s enough trauma in the world; do I need to add drama?” ~ writer, Elizabeth Gilbert

I HATE passenger seat drivers! Those people who monitor and comment on your every ‘ease on down the road’ move…telling you what to do. #Irritating. One reason Mr. Washington loves our road trips, is in his words, my ability to, “Sit your ass over there and ride.” Yep! Because I don’t ride with people I don’t trust. 

Unfortunately, as a country we’re riding with people we don’t know if we can trust. And that had me sharing ALL the things Coronavirus. Trying to help family and friends drive their cars. But, I don’t want to add drama to the trauma and will be focusing instead on this:

  • Staying healthy to not overburden the healthcare system (cooking good food (all those recipes I’ve been saving!), moving my body, pulling up on the Oreos 😂)…
  • Staying informed enough to make good decisions without wallowing in fear and confusion. Thankfully, I have great friends connected to trustworthy information…
  • Checking on people and helping when I can, where I can…
  • Getting my ‘when I have time’ things done (business, books, online courses, podcasts, movies, jigsaw puzzles, reconnecting with family/friends, etc.)

Instead of driving your car, I’m giving you some fuel for the road ahead:

  • Mindset coaching is my jam. We can’t always control WHAT happens, but we CAN control our response to it. I’m providing free 30-minute coaching sessions to any woman who’s feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or frustrated. The sessions can be scheduled Mondays – Thursdays. There’s a one-session limit, no strings attached. STRICTLY doing what I can where I can. Schedule here. Choose the Get Your Life STAT! option.
  • Sharing some ‘let’s focus on what’s good’ resources…click here.

Be safe. Stay informed NOT inFear. Stay encouraged. This too shall pass. Vote for great leadership.