The René-isms: 20 Lessons for the 20’s – Part One

Kissing this decade goodbye ❤️

During one of our sessions, a client held up pieces of cardboard with things I’d said to her written on them: ‘These are some René-isms I’ve written down to keep with me and remind me.’

Clients often repeat my words back to me. I coach intuitively…listening deeply to what they’re saying and not saying…because the truth is, the René-isms are actually client-isms. They are your truths reflected back to you through me. And that’s why I don’t remember ten seconds later what I said. I’m channeling you, not me.

Soooo beYOND excited about the new decade and I’ve been clearing out space for all of the Ah-mazingness that’s coming for me! Been purging what no longer serves me (from email to media to household stuff to people) and reflecting on what does, including some of my best lessons learned. I’m sharing some personal René-isms you may find helpful OR may inspire you to create your own. Here are the first ten of twenty:

  1. The NOs I receive mean I’m asking. The mistakes I make mean I’m attempting. The response? The consequence? That’s God’s business.  
  2. Fearlessness isn’t being devoid of fear; it’s fearing less enough to take that one move closer to what you want. Do it afraid.
  3. You cannot fix what you will not face. Create the life you want to celebrate, not the life you want to escape.
  4. It’s true: Life is what you make it. We have choice. I choose Magnificence!
  5. Give up that mortgage on that street called lack. Free your mind. Your life will follow.
  6. If your mind’s not right, your life jumps the track. Daily mindset vigilance is required.
  7. First right mind is ALWAYS best right mind. Don’t let a second guess prevent your first action.
  8. Love, Grace, & Mercy…I require it. I extend it. 
  9. Daily rest…Daily pleasure…are benchmarks of successful living, not bonuses.
  10. Deprivation is not a winning plan. Feed your body what it needs AND loves and Keep. It. Moving.

Happy New Year…Wonderful New Decade!! Come back next week for the rest of the twenty. ❤️

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