You’re Grateful For _____ In March 2020?

I’m doing something that scares me again: this time it’s pitching myself to Anna Navarro (Republican strategist/commentator and part-time host on The View) to be her coach. There’s something about her that’s been nudging me to do this for months and this past week, she told Oprah’s sister (who was in the audience) to tell O that she needs a Weight Watchers coach. No knock to WW, but I know that the BARE lifestyle is the best path to dropping whatever’s weighing you down. She may never respond…she may say no, but I’ll never know if I don’t ask. And the asking is what truly counts. “Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.”

What would YOU do if you weren’t afraid?

What do you want to be grateful for when spring rolls around in 2020? How would you fill in the title blank? How will you get out of your way to allow it to happen? What turtle steps can you take now?

I’m going for 100 people saying No. Because if I get 100 nos, that means I’ve made around 500 asks and getting Braver Bolder Better at asking is one of my goals. I want to thicken my rejection skin. 🙂 Eventually, all that rejection will pay off in getting to the best Yesses! We are not too old for the Yesses, sisters!

For those celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have an enjoyable and safe holiday week! Treat yourself to some chill time too! I’m GRATEFUL for every one of you who read the blog, listen to the podcast and/or have become a coaching client. DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE!! I’m also grateful for those who opted out. Negative energy gone. Everything/one ain’t for everybody.

And if I’ve said anything that has motivated you to make changes you’re grateful for, another BIG ASK I’m making is for you to become a subscriber of The Midlife Woman Redefined podcast. It’s FREE and the reviews rolling in say it’s a great, beneficial listen on getting your mind right to live your Best Life. A short listen too! To sample and subscribe, go to OR go to Apple Podcast, Spotify, or Stitcher and put Midlife Woman Redefined in the search box to find and subscribe. And don’t struggle, get your friend or one of those tech savvy young-er people to get you subscribed.