Who Said??!!

I can’t get her out of mind! The Fierce Phenom who is Täo Porchon-Lynch was featured on NBC Nightly News and her story was a huge shot to my psyche. Part of my personal mission is to live FREE from whatever doesn’t serve my purpose on this planet and to help as many women as possible do the same.

FREE from shoulds.

FREE from oughts.

FREE from ‘They Say’.

And live FREE in Love, Grace,Joy, Contribution, and New Possibilities.

Täo Porchon-Lynch is in her 98th year. She became enthralled with yoga at eight years old and is STILL TEACHING several classes a week AND does ballroom dancing! ABC News tagged her as the ‘real-life Forrest Gump’ because she’s been present at so many historical events, including marching with Mahatma Gandhi and participating in demonstrations with General Charles de Gaulle and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

See the link below* for the full clip on her incredibly impressive life. What I love most about her amazing story, though, is that she doesn’t drink water…only wine and tea!! I’m still in a paradigm busting mood and what’s more paradigm-busting than living almost 100 years drinking wine instead of water?? And you’re a Kick-A Yogi too??!! Oh! Did I mention she only wears high heels??

Click! Click! What a powerful example of discerning what works for YOU and Living It!!

She’s in my LTSG** BARE DIVA Hall of Fame. Ms. Täo is clearly her own muse.

What’s YOUR ‘wine and heels’? Your against-the-grain-but-works-for-me habit or life move? It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Ms. Täo’s, but is there something you do (or want to do) that ‘They Say’ isn’t appropriate because of your age, your gender, your religion, your whatEVER, but YOU KNOW is part of the oxygen that sustains you?

Traveling alone is on that list for me. I love rollin’ with my hubby, girlfriends, or clients. Women’s retreats are a fundamental part of my business plan. And I also love the accountable-to-no-one’s-agenda freedom of a solo excursion. I’ve been so caught up in building my business that I haven’t done it lately or at the level I’d like. Correcting that and planning that European solo-cation and some in-the-meantime jaunts NOW.

Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration, Ms. Täo!

If you have your ‘thing’, I’d love to hear what it is. Life is too arbitrary not to drink your ‘wine’ or kick up your ‘heels’ while you can!

*98-Year-Old Stays Young With Yoga, Ballroom Dancing

**LTSG is the acronym for Let That S%#T Go!, my coming soon coaching program.



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