Three years ago, I launched cReneCoach services and then I piddled. I was kinda/sorta life coaching…helping women do THEIR thing, but not valuing MY thing. Last year, I got serious and as discussed in other posts, I invested a lot of time in crafting the business foundation and focus that works best for me. But It. Ain’t. Over.

The ‘saw’ must continue to be sharpened (I’m doing 7 Habits training for a company and it’s been a great reminder!). This year’s focus is… now that I’ve got my WHAT down, HOW am I going to do it?

Half-assed or full tilt?? And it’s FULL TILT, baby!! Why be in it, otherwise? And that requires help…professional help. No more piecing, parting, and cobbling. This is MY LIFE! So…

I hired a virtual assistant who’s saved me hours of time trying to figure out the techy stuff.

I partnered with a friend AND hired a writing coach to complete the content for an awesome online product coming in June for those who would love a self-study option for getting out of work hell.

I’m scheduled to meet with a bookkeeper to get that part of my business straight.

And, I still work with my coach because complacency and staleness are not options!

Whatever you do…if you have the desire to do it better or differently: INVEST IN YOURSELF to get the help you need! If you can do it for yourself, then do it. But if not…barter, hire, trade, whatever but


You’re Worth It!!

P.S. As a life coach, I help the worried well get to doing what only their mind has been holding them back from doing. Stop Worrying. Get about Your Life! Go to and schedule the change you’ve been craving.