Let That S%#T Go!(LTSG!)

what do you want?

What do you want?

What Do you want?

What Do You want?

What Do You Want?


If you know what you want(and I can help with that, if you don’t), do you have it?

If you don’t have it, why don’t you have it?

While what we want may vary, I submit that the #1 reason for why we don’t have it is that we won’t…………


We hold on to:

~ our Limiting Stories

~ OPP(other people’s perceptions)

~ FEAR(false evidence appearing real)

~ self-sabotaging behavior

ALL the junk that keeps us living small! And note that I don’t mean that we have to live large as in being out there in front of a lot of people. I mean we are minimizing or hiding our gifts OR refusing to claim and own our beauty and power.

Nothing I’m saying is new. Least of all to myself(Have Mercy!) I recently did 7 Habits for Highly Effective People training classes for my old company and it was a great reminder of  the power in replacing old paradigms(more commonly known as ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’) that no longer serve us. It inspired me personally and professionally to drop some mental junk:

~ ‘Don’t see a chiropractor. They’re not real doctors.’ I’ve been dealing with daily body pain for a few years, most acutely in my knees. There was a segment on a local talk show about the success of cold laser treatment for knee pain that sounded wonderful EXCEPT the provider is a chiropractor. When I checked my bias, I realized that it was 1. based on 30 yr. old info(a lot of which came from traditional doctors who had a vested interest in blocking them) and 2. The potential benefits were too good to not try it.  I started this week and will let you know how it goes.

~ ‘I don’t get in public water. People are nasty and being seen in a bathing suit is a NO!’ People ARE nasty, but a friend has been extolling the benefits of water aerobics for joint pain and I’m staying in the ‘nothing ventured/nothing gained’ zone. I will trust the power of chlorine and BARE has gotten me 95% past my body drama. Ain’t nobody got time for THAT! 🙂

That’s just a few of the mental shifts I’m making that are translating to big life shifts. This girl’s gotta move and groove and physical flexibility promotes creativity. cReneCoach is about to Rock and Roll into a whole new level!

What’s ONE SHIFT you’d like to make?

What DO you want?

Why are you stopping yourself from having it?? Let That S%#T GO!!!

Unless it’s a Thelma & Louise ride, you can always course correct. Try it. You just might love it!