The Leap to Simple (and Better!)

“You always have to do things the hard way.” ~ Barbara Ann (my mom)

My mom would tell me this whenever I ended up on one of those crooked paths I seem to frequently veer towards:

  • the krazy job before I found the good job
  • the college degree I took years to go back and finish
  • the marriage that couldn’t quite go the distance until I found the one that will

Those are just a few of the bigger examples. Have mercy!

I could hear her much missed voice this week as I worked through tech issue hell trying to figure out a problem I was having getting a class replay to my Your Next Move participants (3 days to figure it out!). I’ve known for awhile that it’s TIME TO TAKE THE TIME to get the right help.

And this is what we do, right? We know The Thing To Do yet we do everything else but. I talk my clients off this ledge all the time. I’m rereading The Big Leap, Gay Hendrick’s book on ending self-sabotage and up-leveling your life. Our resistance to a desired opportunity to up-level means we have an upper limit issue: a fear of life going too well. We may think we don’t deserve it or we can’t maintain it, but whatever the reason, it’s rooted in fear. Upper limit issues hit people considered to be highly successful too. It’s an equal opportunity derailer. If this sounds even vaguely familiar, I highly recommend this book to discover and end your upper limit behaviors (“worry, blame & criticism, getting sick or hurt, squabbling, hiding significant feelings, not keeping agreements, not speaking significant truths to relevant people, and deflecting”).

My big one: not consistently keeping agreements with myself. In my previous blog, I talked about tolerations (shout-out to the women who sent me theirs and are zapping them!). I’m doing well crossing off my target irritations and I’m channeling mom’s advice to zap The Unnecessary Hard.

I don’t have to always do it the hard way. Let’s Keep It Simple Sisters! Woo Sa!!

P.S. I don’t coach from on high. I coach from life in those same trenches you’re navigating except I use tools and resources that help shorten the curve. Contact me to schedule a consult and lets talk about up-leveling your life!

P.P.S. This weekend I’m presenting at the Be Golden women’s conference in Bloomington, IN. They wanted edgy, so I’m doing Let That S%*t Go! as a workshop plus I’ve been asked to fill in on a discussion panel because keynote speaker Awesomely Luvvie’s (Blog phenom and I’m Not Judging You author) schedule no longer allows her to stay for it. Excited about meeting her. Please send up good thoughts for me!