Are You ‘Too-ing’ Yourself to Living Less?

How often do you talk yourself out of opportunities you say you wanted? Or see something that makes your heart leap, then you sing the song of 20 reasons why it can’t happen for you??

A client who’d been trusting God for years to send the love she’d been asking for, finally got it, then began talking herself out of it because it was happening too soon.

Another client had been in a long job search after leaving her ‘working in hell’ situation and when the great new opportunity arrived, she quibbled because it was too blue collar and not quite the prestige she wanted.

And while admittedly, I’m more apt to leap than not, I’m not immune from ‘too-ing’ myself either. When I got the opportunity to attend a dancing event offered by business coach, Rachel Rogers, featuring dance lessons with Broadway dancer Robert Hartwell AND to go to her birthday party, I was THA-rilled!! Dancing with Robert was on my bucket list and I’m always up for celebrating a milestone (actually celebrating just about anything, LOL). So I was IN, until…

I told myself the weather would be too bad to go to NYC in February.

I told myself, I was too old and stiff to keep up in the class.

I told myself that with all the kraziness going on in the world, it might be too dangerous to be rolling around NYC solo.

All rational reasons and ALL based in fear. Fear blocks action and living a blocked life is not the option of choice, is it?? Instead, choose ‘too-ing’ yourself to living MORE because:

Life is too short to not try. Say YES to the new relationship. (she did!)

Life is too arbitrary to wait. Say YES to the new job. (she did!)

Life is too fickle to count on a ‘next time’. Say YES to the trip. (I did!)

And my YES was validated with beautiful 60+ degree weather, new connections, including a potential new client, and a BLAST of a time shaking my groove thing so hard that it got me back on the consistent ‘move my body’ track (I hate the term exercise).

The deciding question that pretty much always works for me?? Will I regret NOT doing it? Some opportunities do come around again. But, if your spirit is leaping, let your body follow. That’s your message that for THIS thing…






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