Are You Overloading Your Band

I didn’t load my band.

The band I’m referencing is the wristband I was given with my pass to the jazz festival I was attending. Cash or credit cards wouldn’t be accepted. You were supposed to load money on your wristband…$100 was the suggested starting amount…and the band would be swiped for food and vendor purchases.

The level ticket I bought included lunch, dinner and beverages and I saw no reason to load the band with more money.  I was there to enjoy the company of wonderful girlfriends, listen to great jazz, and chill on the beach. While I’m not opposed to a little retail therapy, loading the card would have put me in a space outside of my intention.

Do you unnecessarily overload your ‘band’ as in  bandwidth?

Are you outside of your intentions?

Do you add unnecessary distractions that only serve to weigh you down?

Saying no to what someone else thinks you should have could be the ticket to your Saying Yes to more of what you really want.

Yes to patio time with your life love.

No to piling on a another volunteer assignment you’ll secretly resent.

Yes to starting that book you’ve been wanting to write.

No to that promotion that may stroke your ego but will suck all of the air out of your life.

Yes to relationships that grow with you.

No to relationships that work against you.

Focus your attention on your intention and watch what happens!


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