At What Cost Your Freedom

Hello Beautiful!

Why do you do what you do? This question is on a continuous loop in the background of my mind. The answer fuels my personal path and the coaching I provide my clients.

A few months ago, I had a crisis in purpose and came very close to giving up my business.

So many women’s lives have been been tangibly changed for the better through the coaching work they’ve done with me. But that success was not being fully reflected in my business. Why? Because, although I know my value but I wasn’t owning my value.

I see this with clients too.

More focused on why the external (spouse, boss, company, friends, children, etc.) isn’t giving us what we want (respect, raise, promotion, support, etc.) than on why WE aren’t giving it to ourselves.

When I wasn’t hitting my business targets, I thought that meant entrepreneurship wasn’t my thing after all. Had to pull myself back from Give Up Ledge through prayer, coaching, and reminding myself of Why I Do What I Do:

to live my personal brand of freedom and to help women seeking the same do so too.

Right after my return from the abyss, I filled my Let That S%#t Go! program. It’s going so well, I’m expanding it for an even deeper, juicier dunk in how to get out your own way to get what you want.

Which is exactly what I had to do. OWN my value so potential clients would value it too. Mindset is fundamental.

Free Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow!

Then I got tested. Someone who really wants to go on my Design The Life You Love Retreat (Yes! You should go) asked me cut out my post-retreat coaching and lower the price for them.

The location is FAB and it will be a fantabulous relax & release getaway, but it’s mainly about coaching women through creating the life change they’re craving. Cutting out half of the coaching compromises my purpose.

And right after I received that request, I received the graphic below from a woman who is attending the retreat (smart woman!), noting how much the first sentence resonates with her decision to attend.

”Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavor to live the life you have imagined.”

Emphasis on advancing. Because whether you feel fully confident or not, making the decision and taking the action advances you towards what you want.

I’m grateful for the cost reduction request. It tested my ‘do you really believe in yourself, girl’ resolve. Yes. I. Do.

There’s a message in that thing or person that’s offending you, working your last nerve, or pushing your button. It’s a message for you, about you.

At what cost your freedom? You decide.


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