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Hello Beautiful!

Before you read, listen to a short message from me, here.

Six years ago, I left my 28-yr corporate career, two years before official retirement because I was operating on fumes. Yes, the company had changed, but that was distracting me from a bigger truth.

I had changed.

My next chapter was nudging and pulling me and my ignoring it to do the ‘right thing’ (staying) was only accomplishing my dragging myself through slow death.

Death of spirit. Delayed dreams.

“There are truths we face and truths we ignore.” ~ Michelle Obama 

And since I experienced a TIA (mini-stroke) several years earlier that I know was stress induced, I was possibly teasing actual death.

So, I left…with no plan other than living free. 

Fast forward to today. I’m a master certified life coach, retreat leader, and creator of the Midlife Manifest Sistermind . This past weekend, I became a motivational speaker, launching the Self-Love Explosion Tour…Where Power and Passion Meet! with three other fabulous life-changers!

When I left my company, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I only knew what I had to leave. My main concern was making sure I could eat and keep a roof over my head. Now, I know that financial planning is only one piece of your life plan post-career. It would have been great to go through a process that uncovered and connected me to my Who, What, and How at this stage of life. If you’re like me, it’s murky because most of us have been focused on other people’s priorities/problems, paying little or no attention to our own. So you flounder or you keep suppressing and ignoring YOU. Or you travel and shop yourself out, wondering if there isn’t something more. There is.

I could have saved myself a whole lot of time if I’d been smart like one of my clients, who hired me when her youngest child was a high school senior, to create her next chapter plan. Since then she’s started two successful businesses. Or another smart client who’s on a three year plan to walk into her dream of running a charity. Or another client who retired and we worked out a plan for her to draw strong boundaries around her time and dip her toe in some opportunities to see how they fit before fully committing. 

Nope! I bolted on fumes and figured it out on the back-end. I’ve had loads of fun and although, it’s worked out beyond my imagination, I knew there had to be an easier path. So I created it. That’s the mission of the Midlife Manifest Sistermind: showing women how to create and implement your set-me-free plan to living life on your terms.

Dream manifested.

Confusion. Tears. Wanting to give up. Meeting amazing people. Awesome collaborations. Witnessing women step into their power and passion. A wonderful mixed bag. Not easy. Absolutely necessary.

What life do you want to create? What are you waiting on?


Set your vision. Get your mind right. Take action.

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P.S. Whenever you’re ready, here are three ways I can help you get (and keep) that life you say you want:

  1. Join The Midlife Manifest Group and connect with other women who are in midlife transition. This is my Facebook community where successful retire-to-thrive women learn how to get more ‘who I am’ clarity, stop living hijacked lives, and live in purpose with passion. Click here to join.
  2. Sign up for the Midlife Manifest Sistermind. Get yourself in my signature program for women who are done with hoping and are ready to take action. If you’d like to learn exactly what you need to do to make serious life changes in 2019 and GO ON THE CELEBRATION RETREAT TO PORTUGAL, let’s talk! Schedule a life strategy session here.
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