Getting To Your Yes!

“...Do not stop asking your question. It’s amazing what can happen. You can get to your YES!” ~ Producer Ken Davenport in his Tony Awards acceptance speech (Best Revival of a Musical, Once On This Island)

What is your question?

What answer would feel like a This Is My YES miracle??

My question: What’s the best way for me to help as many women as possible answer their YES?

Women who have lived, worked, loved, supported, nurtured, chased, run, and crawled through this grand experiment called Life and made it to that What About Me? stage aka midlife…

Who keep feeling that nudge to take the time to reflect, reinvent, and rock a new way of being that feels Free and based in true priority commitment…

And for whom confronting their question has moved from nudge to scream and become an imperative.

That’s my question and my passion to action is helping those women answer their question.

What’s your question? Respond to this email to tell me. I’d love to know!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my dad and all of the men who have provided you and/or your children with love, support, and life-lasting lessons!

How to Work With Me:

Let That S%#t Go! is my signature deep and life-changing six month mastermind for midlife-thrivers ready to rewire and create their What About Me? life chapter. It starts in September and you can sign up right now! Schedule a Discovery Call to get the details, here.

Join my Midlife Manifest facebook group, here. I’m doing a free Coaching Salon on Thursdays where you can get answers to your burning coaching questions, but you have to be in the group to participate (be sure to answer the three question prompts to be added).

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