How Do You Want To Feel? It’s Your Time!

“Discover by following your desire, even if that desire is faint or seems as likely as a chocolate factory, or maybe the Easter Bunny himself, in the middle of the desert. It’s real. It’s there for a reason. Use desire as a compass, and do not concern yourself with how it could ever happen. If you really want to grow and experience all that life can offer you, let go of calculation. This is a path of revelation. It’s the journey of becoming who you did not know you could become.” ~ Life Coach Tama Kieves

Hello Beautiful!

It’s Desire Mapping Time! The Question of the Month is “How Do I Want To Feel?”  We’re often taught to dismiss feelings because they’re temporal…flighty…not to be trusted. That can be true. What’s also true is that we are ALWAYS Feeling. And we can FEEL a certain kind of way based on what we DO.

Desire Mapping connects you to the Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s) you want to experience most of the time and shows you how to start from there to determine what Actions you need to take to generate those feelings. It’s about intentionally generating feeling states.

This photo of me is a fave. It’s a selfie I took during my retreat last year. Beautiful location (St. Petersburg, FL) with a fab group of women who were loving their retreat experience. I was IN MY FLOW, could see it in my face, and snapped the evidence as a reminder. THIS is how I want to feel in my business! And that directs what I DO in and for my business.

Tomorrow, you’ll get the first video message from me with an assignment. If you’ve downloaded the book and audio and gotten started, YAY! If you haven’t, YAY! This is meant to be a very fluid process on your terms and timeline…not a burden.

The Details:

What: Virtual Desire Mapping

When: January 13th – February 1st

1/18… Desire Map Question Hour 6:30pm – 7:30pm CST (me answering your questions about the process and providing on the spot coaching.)

1/25… Desire Map Question Hour 6:30pm – 7:30pm CST

2/1… Desire Map Goal Mapping 6:30pm – 8:30 pm CST (join this session to learn how to use your CDF’s to create your goals for the year)

How: I will send exercise sheets and short videos that walk you through Desire Mapping each week. You’ll complete the exercises on your own and join the weekly Desire Map Question Hour if you need assistance. The final call on February 1st will be a 2-hour session on setting goals based on your Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s).

How To Participate:

* Download (it’s still FREE!) or purchase The Desire Map Guide…go at your own pace.
* Mark your calendars for the Question Hours and the Goal Mapping Session.
* Set your INTENTION to carve out the time and focus to show up for yourself in this process.
* Join the calls to get assistance.
* You’ll get zoom recordings of the Question Hours and Goal Mapping Session to stay in the loop.

Can’t join the calls? Email your questions prior to the meeting date, I’ll answer them during the call, and you’ll get the recording,

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