Midlife Manifest Fifties Wisdom Week Five: Stop Hiding…Share Your ShXt

Hello Beautiful!

Getting straight to the point…Stop hiding. Share your shXt.

You may have been raised like I was, under the mandate: “What goes in this house, stays in this house.” I took that so seriously that I didn’t even share when I was on my cycle until I was well in my twenties!

But the cost of hiding and suppressing is steep. I found that out in my mid-forties when my body tried to stroke out and I spent five days in the hospital. Through coaching, therapy, and continual self-assessment, I learned to lay my burdens down in prayer, with professionals, trusted friends, and even social media.

As Brené Brown eloquently asserts, the right to your vulnerability must be earned. It’s a tremendous honor and sacred gift to hold safe space and confidentiality with the many women I work with and what I know for sure is this:

You are NOT the only one.

Love drama. Children heartache. Money mistakes. Career craziness. Fired. Addicted. Dumb choices. Low living…you don’t have a monopoly on any of it.

And the suppression can be so deep that you hide yourself from yourself. That’s what happened to me. I thought I was carrying it well, holding it down like I needed to and always had…until I went splat.

Let That ShXT Go!

Because it’s weighing you down more than you know. It’s blocking you from fully flowing in the essence of who you were put here to be.

Let it go.

Stop hiding. Start living. LIVING. Not only existing.

I see the amazingness that happens when clients shed their crap. They show up for themselves in ways that are surprising even to them. They start businesses, take political action, build legacy, start foundations, get healthy, find lasting love…

This is why I started my coaching business and why I’m leading a midlife manifesting revolution. We have all the time we need and no time to waste. If you’re ready, let’s talk. The Midlife Manifest Sistermind is starting soon. Let’s talk. Schedule a discovery session through this link, ConnectWithRene.com.

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To learn more about the shXt I’ve shed, listen to this short interview I did on April Mahoney’s On The Edge radio show, listen.