Pssst…Don’t Tell Everybody, But…

Hello Beautiful!

Popping in with the short and sweet skinny on my Design The Life You Love Retreat.

Some of you want to go, but the May 31-June 3 dates don’t work. (Hate that!)

Some of you want to go, but your money’s funny.

Some of you told me you’ll go next time.

I can’t change the dates, but for the ‘next time’ and money’s funny people, please know that there will be no next time.


Because it’s the last one, I want to sell it out and that’s why I’m doing what we’re advised not to do: offering a longer than typical payment plan. 

I’m not going to go on and on about how fabulous this retreat is going to be. Just know that it’s not your typical boring hotel conference room affair. It’s been beautifully planned and curated to stimulate ALL of your senses (a gorgeous rooftop hotel on the gulf coast, workshop in a glassblowing art gallery, and more!) in designing your next life chapter. It will absolutely be an experience that keeps on giving for years to come and that’s priceless!

So, if you talked yourself out of going, talk yourself back in. Treat Yo Self!

If you’ve been on the fence, jump off and into this life-changing opportunity.

Don’t be in the ‘Awww, I wish I’d gone!’ group. Be in the, ‘This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time’ group!


And don’t tell EVERYbody, but DO TELL stand-up Fab Women who would respect and appreciate this offer.

Respond to this message and I’ll send you the new (subject to approval) payment plan terms.

Here’s the link to the Design The Life You Love Retreat details,

You in??