Sunday Self Audit

Do you follow The Fly, Hip, and Ageless on social media? I love their short spot on messages on living YOUR Best Life, unapologetically.

“Look at your daily habits and ask yourself if they are causing you to evolve or revolve. Are you moving forward or just moving in circles?”

FHA tagged this post, Sunday Self Audit and it’s what I’m adopting (stealing LOL!) as an add-on to my current Sunday practice of assessing the week ahead and deciding how I want that week to end.

If you followed the Passport To Midlife Freedom Challenge, ask yourself the question above. Ask it even if you didn’t follow the challenge. If you’re good with continuing to revolve, STOP READING. Keep reading my blog until you’re ready.

I work with take-action-I’m-worth-the-investment women!

If that’s you and you’re ready to EVOLVE, then there’s One Simple Action for you to take: Put yourself on my calendar to talk about what that looks like for you.

I have several options, some include working with me (VIP days, retreats, or deep work over several months), …some don’t (referrals to other resources). This is a two-way street that must work for both of us, NOT take all comers.

Take the trip. Get your life. Schedule a consult. Now.

Schedule on this link,

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P.S. I’m launching a podcast July 31st!! Stay tuned for the backstory on my podcast launch journey and how to listen.