Surrender Dammit!

Some of the biggest revelations have come to me while lying on a hospital gurney:

  • not accepting help is dumb
  • ‘forever’ marriages can end
  • I won the best family lottery
  • the best friends become family
  • dehydration is dangerous 
  • and from the gurney I refused to see (my mom’s): who lives and dies is an arbitrary mystery only known to God 

Things we know, but don’t KNOW until it hits us personally. 

This past week, I was on a gurney again. My doc sent me to the ER because I had some concerning symptoms that, based on my history, necessitated ruling out a TIA (mini-stroke). Thankfully, it was not that. I was assessed as being “run down”. Since that came from a male doctor, it could have come across as patronizing, but nope! It was accurate.

Surrender: to yield, give up, abandon, relinquish…into the power of another

Part of the reason my coaching helps women experience Ah-mazing life change is because I too do the work. For the past few months, I’ve been coached by a phenomenal woman, Mary Houston. It’s deep work on changing how you run a business better by clearing out a lot of old money mindshxt. At the core though, it’s about surrendering. Truly releasing control to (for me) God, doing the work and letting God handle the outcome.

My ending up on that gurney again was my releasing that last bit of resistance to trusting myself through trusting God’s outcome. 

I’ve been ‘running down’ an imaginary clock…trying to get it all in before I miss that great client, or that fun thing, or before I die…early...even younger than my mom. And not pacing myself better simply fulfills the self-prophecy.

Just surrender dammit!

My 2020 focus is on coaching women through your F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) to your surrender to the wonderful that’s waiting on you! And I’ve started with my own. True surrender is a whole ‘nother level of letting shxt go. Wooo Sa!

The key: 

Stay in your lane. Stay in your business. Give the rest to God.

Simple yet deeeeep. I’m on it. No more gurney revelations! 

P.S. Be sure to catch me on the podcast, Midlife Woman Redefined, here. And if you’re ready to surrender to your deep fear-busting dive, click here to see your work-with-me options. I’m only taking the Brave and the Bold who MUST get to their Better!