The Slug Zone

  1. 1.
    a tough-skinned terrestrial mollusk that typically lacks a shell and secretes a film of mucus for protection. It can be a serious plant pest.
  2. 2.
    a slow, lazy person; a sluggard.

I’ve been in slug mode since yesterday. Returned from a great business trip where I coached my face off doing sessions for a group of powerful women. Then I crashed.

Was feeling pretty guilty about this at first. I’ve got Work. To Do.

But I needed ‘slow and lazy’ so I caved. I’m letting you see my shell-less tough-skinned self because the serious danger is in the pretense.

SLAY Every Day is a powerful siren call. So many of the women I coached were living multi-tasking lives on steroids! Achieving amazing work goals while taking care of families, moving across the country, contributing to their communities, and more. Exhaustion is normal. When to stop is a hanging question. And this is not peculiar to this group. It’s also not sustainable. The body will whisper then scream for loving attention.

What I’m grateful for is honoring my desire to create a life flexible enough to SLAY and SLUG. Definitely not an easy path, but I’ll choose it ANY day over the caged life.

I do 80/20 this too, so it’s time to get back on it!

Are you feeling SLAY or SLUG this week? You get to choose. And if it doesn’t feel like a choice, let’s talk.

It’s time to Free Yourself.


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