What’s The Source of Your Infection?

Hello Beautiful!

About a year ago, my dentist told me that one of my teeth was dead and needed to be removed. I won’t bore you with my dental phobia, but suffice it to say that I chose to believe she was mistaken. I brush, floss, and SmartMouth daily. The tooth wasn’t even bothering me. How could it have died without my knowing it? Didn’t want to think about an impending road construction-like experience in my mouth. Why hasn’t someone invented quiet dental tools? It’s the 21st century!!

Fast forward to this year’s exam and I could no longer avoid the truth. The tooth still wasn’t causing me any problems, but I could see on the x-ray that soon it would. Prayer, meditation, tapping, the smooth jazz station, and that wonderful calming aid called nitrous oxide helped me make it through the procedure without losing my mind up in there…up in there. LOL

Here’s my BIG AHA: the hygienist told me there was a lot of infection under the tooth. She said I was going to feel a lot better even though I may not have realized it because our body’s immune system fights infection, which can be tiring. And she was right! I do feel better…less draggy. I even lost some body swelling.

Years ago, I learned how insidious stress can be when I had a mini-stroke in the midst of thinking I had my drama under control. Now, another example of how not dealing with your sh#t…in whatever form it takes…can drag your life or even cause you to go splat!

“Your subtle messaging and coaching to take small steps have made a huge difference in my life.”

“You helped me let my sh$#t go! and it’s made ALL the difference.”

I just had the most enlightening conversation with my Coach c.René. I don’t use the word life-changing often. But in this case, life-changing really doesn’t adequately describe it. The conversation has changed the trajectory of my life. It’s nothing like finding out what you are good at and created to do. I’m about to add value to the world in a way no one else can. More to come!”

These are quotes from happy clients I’ve worked with during the past several months. I don’t coach from the mountain, I coach from the trenches of working through my own mindsh#t and showing you how to do the same so we can ALL live in our personal brand of Freedom and Purpose.

What’s infecting YOUR life that you’re ignoring? Let That Sh#t Go!



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