Yes, My Dear…You DO Know What You Want

Hello Beautiful!

“I don’t know what I want.”

This is the #1 statement I hear from women/clients. And it’s never been true. They continue to talk and within the next two sentences, they’ve told me what they want.

Many times, they still believe they don’t know because they CAN’T HEAR THEMSELVES!

Because what’s really true is not that they don’t know, but that they don’t believe they can have it.

So they lie to themselves about it. Run from it. Believe they’re too old. Too tired. Too obligated. Too ___.

This past week, I cracked through three client’s ‘I don’t know what I want.’ crap. One, I’ve been working with for months and she finally faced what she’d been running from: her gift and purpose in leading Christians to a tangibly accessible way to walk in faith that moves them into praying AND adding fruitful action.

Another is fully owning her value, removing distractions, and getting down to working on fulfilling a long-held dream that many women will benefit from.

The third is coming to the end of a corporate career and now sees that what’s becoming more and more frustrating in that world is simply fuel to move her focus to her new and exciting next chapter.

When we enter our 50+ years, it’s our time to use everything that’s come before in the manifestation of what we’ve been deferring, delaying, or denying.

What do you want? Helping you Answer that, Own it, and Live it is what I do. You ready??


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