Your Million Dollar Presence

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“I changed my mind. I’m not going.” I said this to my husband about an upcoming trip to NYC. It was a solo excursion to see a play, a Frida Kahlo exhibit, and to support one of favorite business coach’s big book launch. Fun! Fun! Fun!

But then, inexplicably, I stopped feeling excited. I thought my body compass was signaling that there was a reason for me to cancel. And I’ve learned (the hard way!) to not ignore my body compass. It wasn’t a definitive no go, though.

Body compass is our internal GPS that signals our truth even when our brains may be lying to us. The brain lies to protect us, not harm us. It’s our original coding that was needed to prevent imminent death from lurking lions, tigers, and bears (Oh my!). While most of us no longer live in that kind of ever-present danger, the brain still has that wiring and what happens now is that everyday stressors are magnified to Danger! Danger! Level. Did you know that we experience negative emotions at a rate of about five times that of positive emotions?? This is why insecurities and anxieties can derail us for no good reason, other than internal wiring.

And it hit me. I wasn’t being warned away from some potential ‘danger.’ I’d come down with a case of the ‘insecures!’ I was going to be in the room with a group of kick-ass million dollar business people (mostly women) and who was I to be in that room?

Oh, MYLANTA!! Who was I??? THIS is the kraziness we put ourselves through… even sometimes a kick ass coach like me!

We discount the totality of who we are: I’ve got over 30 years of coaching experience between corporate and running my business and have already earned over a million dollars.

We believe value = stuff: I have a MILLION DOLLAR PRESENCE. When someone engages with me, I leave them better than I found them. When you’re coached by me, your life improves exponentially.

Positively impacting the lives of others in whatever way you do is priceless. Choosing NOT to show up fully in your gift is a tragedy.

Soooo… I flipped my faulty script, took the trip, and had an incredible time! I gave and I received.

What faulty thinking is holding YOU back from showing up in your million dollar presence?

Let that shxt go!

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