Hi Ya’ll!

Happy Friday, Ya’ll!

I’m working out of town and sharing an oldy-but-goody blog from 1/18/17. Do something good for yourself this weekend!!

I’m posting this because I made a commitment to myself to release a blog every week. And as we know, commitments made to ourselves are more easily broken than those we make to others. A few weeks ago, I stayed up until 3am making a cheesecake for a friend of a friend because I’d promised her one by the next day. A friend of a friend who would have been fine getting it a day or two later. But commitments I made to myself to…

sleep more

eat well

move more

promote my business…

were easily rationalized away or put off until…wait for it…TOMORROW.

Not anymore. This is a not a New Year’s resolution.

It’s treating myself with the same respect I treat others.

It’s being good to me.

It’s living my life on purpose.

I had good reason to justify taking a posting break: a family matter rightly consumed most of my time this week. Sometimes, though, a reason becomes an excuse.

“There is always enough time. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone’s excuse is ‘I didn’t have time.’ From getting important work done to texting someone back, you always have time if it matters.” …author Kim Stolz

Don’t ‘reason’ yourself out of keeping promises you make to yourself…out of doing what matters. If you would do it for someone else, DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

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