Keep it Simple, Sister!

Being interviewed for the BARE Documentary

 “I started to realize that doing everything the same way hadn’t been working out too well.” ~ Sheriff Longmire (Netflix series, Longmire)

We make life soooo much harder than it needs to be, don’t we? And I believe it’s because we confuse simple with easy.

We know exactly what to do to live a healthy and abundantly joyful life (Yes, you do!). Yet…we move forward, then stumble back. We want it to be easy. Let that delusion go! Because guess what? Doing ‘the simple-maybe-not-easy’ things on automatic is what brings the ease we crave. We build ‘best life’ muscles. My plan:

  1. Get (and) keep my mind set on what powers me up.
  2. Follow my inner compass.
  3. Live life-fueling habits, as joyfully as possible.
  4. Help others.
  5. Repeat daily.

This is our time! Keep it simple.

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