I Want To Be Like You When I Grow Up!

Hello Beautiful!

If I had a $5 bill for every time I’ve had someone tell me this, it would pay for that Paris retreat I’ve got my eye on. LOL!

So let’s break down ‘being like me’:

  • flunked out of college…
  • divorced after 20 years of marriage…
  • quit my good job two years before official retirement…
  • had a mini-stroke and a menopause season of questioning my sanity…
  • dealing with severe chronic pain for the past several years…
  • beloved mom died…
  • blown more money than the law should allow…
  • said things I shouldn’t have said, done things I’ve shouldn’t have done

One thing I haven’t ever done though, is wanted to be someone else.

”I am what I am because I was what I was.” ~ Jenn Scalia

What I did was believe in God and myself enough to keep it moving until I got it right…for me.

Everybody’s got some junk. And if s%#t hasn’t hit the fan for you yet, YAY!…as mom used to say, “keep on livin’.”

I know most who say this don’t really mean it, although it would be cool to be able to simply trade for the life we want?

A better option is to own the agency we do have in making the change we want in our lives.

This is why coaching women is my jam, especially women facing major transition. We sit on so much delayed, suppressed, or repressed awesomeness.  Why?  Because we’re afraid. Because we’re confused. Because we’re stressed.

And it’s time for us to Let That S%#t Go! and get busy creating those new life chapters that let our little lights shine (I’m still on a royal wedding high).

From growing beautiful gardens to creating stunning art to winning political office to c-suite promotions to running million dollar businesses. However your light glows!

Because ALL of our little lights together will turn this world on its head in the BEST ways.

So keep your life and Live IT!

It’s time.

c. René

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