It’s A Love Thang

Hello Beautiful!

Happy February. It’s the month of Love, Black History, and Chocolate. Yessss!!

Speaking of love, I LOVE mindset coaching because I love words. Their function. Their beauty. Their ugly. Their power. And when you get to the crux of it, mindset is words. Words that form thoughts. Thoughts that become feelings. Feelings that become actions. Actions that become results which lead to more thoughts and the continuation of the cycle. Stuff happens and we tell ourselves stories about it. Stories that work for us or against us. When those stories spin into negativity, malaise, or pain, I help flip that script to get you on the “stories that work for us” train.

BIG THANKS to the Desire Mappers in my recent virtual workshop. They did the work (so many aha’s, realizations, & epiphanies),  discovered their Core Desired Feelings and they’re translating them into…

A New Way To Be…Do…Live…Love.

“Awesome sessions! Thanks for gifting us with your wisdom and leading us to the light.” ~ Tonya Allen (happy workshop participant)

And check out this GAWGEOUS vision board, created by workshop participant Linda Quarles!! This will keep her Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s) top of mind!

If you’d love to flip your script the Design The Life You Love Retreat is for YOU!  It’s an experience filled with the power of masterful mindset coaching with the added bonus of being set in a gorgeous location. Click here to get yourself there.

Travel not your thing? Timing’s not right? My next teleclass, Let That S%#t Go! starts in March. It’s limited to 15 “ready to be about it” women. If that’s YOU, let’s talk. Schedule your free Life Strategy session to get the details and leave the call with at least one action item to improve your life, NOW!

Seeing women I coach get fulfilling jobs, start businesses, leave bad relationships, and take stands for themselves in big and small ways, Lights. Me. Up.

Yep, it’s a Love Thang.