The Sunday Rundown

Recently, I was at a doctor’s visit with an older family member who’s dealing with end-stage cancer. The doctor gently led us through the ‘we’ve run out of treatment options ‘ conversation and the decision was made for them to be placed under hospice care. My family member is still mobile and functional and after the doctor explained that remaining treatment options had only a small chance of helping and a high probability of bad side effects, he asked, “What quality of life do you want?” It immediately struck me that this question is associated mainly with the end of life.

What if we ask ourselves that question right now instead of waiting for an end of life decision?

“What kind of quality of life do I want?”

What would we do differently?

I’ve been processing those questions for myself since that visit. And I’m paying to attention to what’s bubbling up: Be more present. Stop settling. Unnecessarily delaying.

Whatever we are dealing with, we get to choose our response. Whatever we want, we can go after it and trust that we’ll land where we’re supposed to be. Don’t settle. Longevity is arbitrary.

Choose Your ‘Quality of Life’. Now.

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